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  1. Broken diaphragm and other diseases of my XL650V

    Hi guys, first of all let me say that I'm new to Transalp world, so please don't mind my lack of knowledge and skill (and proper English). That said, here goes my story... Little over one month ago I purchased used Transalp (year 2000). Price was almost too good to be true, so I knew there will...
  2. Give Blood - before you need it!

    Aimed mainly at the Brits, but 'mercans could do with sorting their act out on this one too There are medical advances all the time and whole blood is being used less than it used to be and perhaps one day there will be a safe substitute, but, for the time being at least this is not the case...
  3. Bikers Unite Against Malaria!

    It's official: September 3rd is Bikers Against Malaria Day (BAMD). This day will showcase that there is a way to eradicate Malaria for good which kills a child very 13 Seconds! In fact, malaria kills more people than AIDS, TB, Leprosy and measles combined! The "Eradicate Malaria For Good...