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  1. Dominator - New Clutch Hard shifint gears (ingage/disengage)

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello, I really need some help please. I have a Honda Dominator 650cc 1990 with 69.323km. (rides ok) I decided to replace the clutch it was near the limits. I both on a Honda dealer original parts: clutch friction plates (7) ref. 22201-MK2-000 clutch plates (6) ref. 22321-KA4-710 clutch...
  2. Why is it...

    Why is it that I run into ALL the student drivers and pensioners in the area on the one night when I'm nursing the bike home on a one-strand clutch cable that won't quite disengage the clutch anymore? Never ceases to amaze me how spooked some people seem to get from something as simple as a...
  3. clutch problems

    Ok its taking years, but not too far from my finished xl250s:p, you know the score, sun is out and the itch has turned into a rash that no longer can be ignored. Have done a full engine rebuild put it all together and she fire's up:D but the clutch does not disengage:(:(, feels fine when you...
  4. Clutch - help, what am I missing

    I've clearly missed something that has me well and truly stumped. Have rebuilt my clutch, so I now have a clutch basket on the end of the gear shaft, it has a ring of teeth that connects to the crank shaft.......... Then clutch plate with the screw threads in, then add all the steel and cork...
  5. Fingers crossed!

    Back in May I posted about my noisy water pump and the tappet sounding noise it made from cold. I tried new coolant as suggested, no joy, noise still there. I decided to monitor it and see if it got any worse, which it did, gradually. On Saturday I set about taking the pump apart to inspect...
  6. CRF100 clutch problem

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all i am new to this forum but have heard good things from friends so i hope someone out there can help me. I have just finished doing a rebuild on my sons crf100 engine and am busy fitting it back in,but i cannot get the clutch to work.It was fine when i stripped the bike and so it is...
  7. Well, I'm going to do it.

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm going to declare the dommie dead. :-( With pain in my heart, it's my first bike and all that, lovingly altered and always a blast to ride, but I screwed it up and left it too long and it's too far gone now. Last outing was during the winter of 2008-09 after the GS nearly dropped a valve...
  8. Signal Minder and LED's In Handguards

    Bodgers Corner
    Well managed to get my LEDS into my handguards and also fitted my signal minder. The signal minder is a nice little bit of kit which replaces the indicator relay in the transalp. It allows you to have timed off indicators, (5/10/20 seconds), and hazard and strobe applications , all using your...
  9. clutch

    ive had my transalp for nearly a week now. im enjoying riding the bike. im wondering when im in neutral and disengage the clutch should i be hearing a gravelie noise as if its mabe half engaged or something. is there an adjustment needed i wonder?
  10. Whealie's Full report

    The Longest Day
    Work delayed the set-off on Thursday. I finally pushed off at 10 and headed straight to the Starcom office in St Ives. Anyone who remembers my inability to get a battery-operated door bell to work will not be surprised that since upgrading to the Starcom digital I have been unable to get the...
  11. Am I screwed here?

    I seem to have overtightened two of the screws that hold what the Honda manual calls the Upper Cover. When trying to remove them now, they just want to spin and not disengage from the rubber/brass nut behind. HELP! :banghead:
  12. another clutch post

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have just been searching the old posted but thought i ask you guys, Just done a 1500 mile tour of france, very good by the way. my @ had always had a noisey clutch, normal I know. But what it's started doing, is mainly in town, as you shut of trottle and the revs drop down, you get a...

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, Finally i have installed a new Arrow can and k&n filter on my rd07.Its about time to check if carb will need new jets or tuning.Searching about this i have found some usefull info might be insteresting fo some of us. From an article on Weber carbs. Tuning Techniques Clearly space...