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  1. Transalp tire swap with Africa Twin

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi. My current back tire on my transalp 600v 1998 (Back: 120/90-17 m/c 64s) is more then dead, but i have some new tires sitting on my Africa twin 650 1988, (my father told me they are 140/80 R17, no idea how the naming system works.) I guess if they fit, it would be a slimmer tire, but would it...
  2. 1998 RD08 Wheel Offset

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm in the process of rebuilding both front and rear wheels on my 1998 RD08, problem is I've only got the 88-89 manual. According to this manual the front wheel offset is given as 22.25mm from the disk to the rim, this is probably ok for my '98 as nothing much changed from the RD02 model on...
  3. Stolen 600 transalp

    Sadly not a post I thought I'd ever have to write.. ***Stolen*** Corporation Street, Stafford, Uk Some kind souls have decided to relieve me of my '89 transalp (reg: K826DDC) (late import). Most likely happened the night of Tuesday 13th March / morning of Wednesday 14th but could have been...
  4. For Sale: 18'' Rear Wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    AKRONT WHEEL: (very good condition, Fresh Truing done) - AKRONT 18'' 3.0, 32 holes rear Heavy Duty Rim: USED (good condition, signs of ware, no rust) with Heavy duty spokes (v. good condition) - Originat AT Hub: USED (v. good condition, signs of ware) - 5XJerk Damper (almost new) - Original AT...
  5. 600 single disc brake upgrade bracket for sale!

    600 single disc brake upgrade kit for sale! sold
  6. NX650 Service manual newer than 88-89?

    Dominator / FMX
    Just wondered if anyone ever found or has a service manual for the NX650 Dominator for models newer than 88-89? The 88/89 is the only one I can find so far, and it's missing a few things for newer models such as my '95, for example the rear disk brake, the shorter inlet manifold, the different...
  7. Wanted: RD07 Rear Disk

    XRV Swap Shop
    Anyone got one in decent Nick?, mine has hairline cracks.
  8. For Sale: Honda nx650 (street tracker) parts, excel r17 wheels

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, Parting out my project bike Honda Dominator street tracker and have almost all stock parts. Engine is sold Excel R17 wheel (front 3,5` rear 4,25`) with tires and brake disk 400e Honda CG125 tank 120e Stock tank 40e Carb 60e Rear shock 40e Front forks 100e Stock seat 40e For other parts...
  9. Transalp early wheels

    With my new to me transalp I acquired a spare front and rear wheel. The rear looks like a TA one but is silver & 36 spoke with heavier guage spokes, correct rim size 2.50x17, brake drum internal diameter 130 mm and 17 mm spindle hole. What is it from Xr/XL600 of late 80s. The front wheel is the...
  10. 600 engine colour

    when did the 600 engine change from silver/grey to black, when the rear disk was added? early and late seem to be a mixture.
  11. Speedo drive

    Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a washer or spacer between to fork and the speedo drive assembly? I know there is one on the opposite side. But for some reason, when I do up the shaft on the wheel. The bolts holding the disk are rubbing on the caliper on the speedo drive side. Its...
  12. Rear brake disk torque settings?

    Dominator / FMX
    Any one know what the torque settings are for the rear brake disk? I put a new chain and sprockets, cush drive and rear disk on the bike the other week and getting some weird things happening, grabbing at low speed, and having trouble getting it right and have the mot next week so its belt and...
  13. For Sale: Few Bits and Bobs

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi There, Not entirely sure where to start with this, basically my father passed away a few years ago and i have finally got round to sorting through his stuff, below is a list of bike parts that i have and the quantities, i am not desperate to sell these but if anyone is interest in anything...
  14. wanted xr250r rear wheel

    I'm after a rear wheel for my xr250l. This model has a cush drive and a very limited choice of rear sprockets. I'm therefore after a 250R rear wheel. My model is year 1992. Would anyone know if the later dry sump models shared the same rear wheel as the earlier disk brake 250's? Thanks.
  15. For Sale: Nice locks

    For Sale / Wanted
    Nice locks- now sold Hi all, in an effort to fund a bigger tank for my DR I'm selling some nice locks, first is an oxford 'Monster' chain and Thatcham 'gold' approved lock inc carry case that you attach to the back of your bike (if you want) now new ones sell from anywhere between £80 and £120...
  16. Help needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, I've just changed the rear tyre on my RD07A and I can't for the life of me get the rear wheel back on. The problem is the rear brake caliper, there doesn't seem to be enough room between the pads to get the disk in . As just below where the pads are there's a part of the...
  17. xr 125 brakes?

    hi guys i know this may be pointless but ive been wondering how eist it would be to convert my xr's rear brake from drum to disk? i know il need a new 17" wheel and a disk brake setup and stuff like that but what would be the best way of mounting it all if it could be done and what disk and...
  18. Beware ACF50 addictiveness!!

    I recently bought my first can of ACF50 after reading a thread on here. The idea was a few squirts in strategic places ready for the winter riding to work etc! Well no sooner had the first couple of sprays gone on and I was off, wiping plastics and bringing the dull black of switches and the...
  19. Picking up an At

    Alright, I found out yesterday how heavy an @ is to pick up after laying it down because I tried to pull away in the dark with the disk lock on!!! What is the technique for picking one up off the floor?, I am no light weight but I needed help.:mad:
  20. '91 Alp wheels- fitment on later models?

    Hi all, When did the front ends of Alps change to twin discks ? I was wondering what other Alp models the shiny black Excel rim'd wheels from my (single font disk) '91 Alp (XL600VN model) would fit. Thanks all. Nick