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  1. FMX Fork Dimensions

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello All, Please could somone measure the diameter of the FMX forks, the part that goes through the yokes, if possible I would also like to know the distance between the fork legs? Many thanks Jim
  2. Anyone here ridden the new style Africa Twin?

    i am thinking of getting one, i've yet to test ride one, so i was wondering if anyone here has ridden/owned one? any feedback? is it a good "do it all" bike? is the seat up to long distance touring? (basically what i am looking for is something that is like the Transalp 650, but with a bit more...
  3. transalp 600 stolen

    from the ukgser forum (poster is in the wirral) My 600 Transalp's been stolen Just stepped out to go to work and found my 600 Transalp's been stolen. Orangey/red all over, Laser pipe, E-07 tyres, screen has small cutaway for master cylinder, mirror mount epoxied, Oxford tailbag. Probably gone...
  4. XRV750 RD07A Crank shaft

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Im new the forum and require urgent help. I need to source a crankshaft for my XRV750 as far as I know the RD04 and the RD07 uses the same Crank is this correct. For some unknown reason mine broke 3 teeth on the Timing Gear. Im leaving a a long distance tour in 3 weeks and just my...
  5. prospective owner

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Good day one and all. I currently have 2 bikes one for the road and the other for trail riding, ST1100AW and a Yamaha WR250F, and am seriously thinking of getting rid and getting an RD07. The plan is for some long distance rough trail riding over to Europe, British exit be dammed, which I...
  6. clocks legit miles?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all ,i find myself still looking for the elusive AT.. I have come close but distance and time constraints have all worked against me ..Something i have noticed though it may be nothing but i wanted to ask the more knowledgable on this forum ..I remember from my youth that if the numbers on...
  7. New tyres needed

    I'm just getting my XL700 ready for a big trip down through France, through the Pyrenees and then back up through the Alps, well that's the plan at least! I'm going to put some new tyres on for the trip. Currently I have Tourance on which I am happy with. I was just wondering about whether...
  8. Wanted: Transalp - tidy with low miles wanted

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
  9. Oil loss for XRV750 RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Just got back from a longer trip with my Africa Twin and discovered that the oil loss is very high, about 1.5 liters on 1200 km distance riding with an average 100 km speed. Before I start to dig in the engine, perhaps someone has already had the same problem and knows where to look into...
  10. For Sale: Transalp 700 Comfort Seat and MRA Touring Screen for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    As my Transalp is about to depart, I have taken off the ELSE MADE Comfort Seat and the MRA Touring Screen which I would like to sell privately, they are on EBay so its first come first served. The seat was very well done by ELSE MADE and made a big difference to long (and short) distance...
  11. Wanted: Wanted Tripmaster

    For Sale / Wanted
    My tripmaster started playing up (not registering distance) after a few searches on here decided the capacitors were the likely culprit. I couldn't even see the soldered connections let alone do the job so I trusted it to a local electronics repair guy, he replaced all the capacitors but now it...
  12. Another tripmeter problem!!

    Africa Twin
    Just recently the tripmeter on my 2002 AT has been playing up. The figures for the clock and each of the trips appear in black on the screen and change, as expected, with time and distance. However behind and alongside the black figures fainter images of "8"s have appeared and won't go away...
  13. No VIN plate?

    Ok, I've seen what looks a reasonably tidy, well priced bike (AT) for sale but it's some distance away. Anyway, looking at the pics, the vin plate is missing from the rh side of the frame... IF I was to view the bike, what else would be worth checking to make sure everything is kosher? Over &...
  14. For Sale: Transalp fork extender/shock raiser

    For Sale / Wanted
    Transalp fork extender/shock raiser Bought from a Transalp rider in Estonia. Fits pd06 forks and shock (possibly other models too). You’ll need a shock builder to remove the old bracket and affix this one. never got round to fitting these to my bike. Forks can be extended by up to 80mm, the...
  15. Clutch lever free play

    Hi all! Clutch lever freeplay at the ball-end of lever must be between 10-20mm. Two questions: 1) Is this distance measured with steering head in centre position, pointing to right (increase in free play) or point to left (decrease in free play)? 2) Is this distance measure when engine has...
  16. which is best 650 or 700 looking for bike for wife.

    looked at 650 , think it would suit her better as lighter 191kg v 215kg but second hand prices for 650,s vary so much 2002 ...2350pounds? I saw advertised to 2006 high milers for 2700 pounds. Have seen low miler 2008 xv700 for 3495 pounds would appreciate views of experienced members primarily...
  17. Looking for HONDA overland long distance LEGENDS

    Hi there, I'm looking for HONDA overland long distance biker LEGENDS for an online Honda ad. Does anyone spring to mind? Email [email protected] THANKS:blob8:
  18. Weird reoccuring problem...

    My 2001 Vara has a reoccurring problem. Whilst driving it suddenly loose all power and acts as it has ran out of fuel. And it keeps doing like that for some 50-100kms since it always happens when I'm on long distance drives with constant speed. If I stop and stand still it runs normal and...
  19. xr250/400 swingarm dimensions

    Hi, can anyone give me the the dimensions for a rear disc brake swingarm for xr250/400...i am looking for the distance from pivot to axle and the width of the swingarm at the pivot where it fits into frame as i am looking to convert my xl500s to rear disc. cheers
  20. Exhaust melting number plate! Grr..

    Africa Twin
    Think I need to try and angle that exhaust away from the number plate!!! Didn't think it would do that as its a good distance from it!!