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  1. The real reason why we need 'austerity'.

    Shocking infographics that illustrate inequality of wealth distribution in the US. No suprises, I suppose, and I imagine the picture here is pretty similar. But it really does make you realise how different things could be if there was a genuine political will to end this ridiculous situation...
  2. The distribution of wealth????

    Just one of the many emails floating about......:D Who lives in a house like this? Soon the...
  3. Madison Distribution / MotionPro

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    At the weekend I managed to break my MotionPro chain rivetting tool while fitting a new chain to the Varadero. I went to the MotionPro U.S.A website and posted the following query: MotionPro forwarded the email to Adam Hartwell of Madison Distribution who replied After sending a picture...
  4. Weight Distribution

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys and gals. I bought the AT:love4: in Sept last year with 28,000 miles on the clock and somehow it seems to be showing 54,000 now!! During the last year (baring in mind I've never ridden on foreign soil before) the bike has taken me to some amazing places, France, Spain, Morocco...