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  1. Travel
    Wasn't able to join you in the national due to work, but I'm hoping to get myself together for a weekend to visit the Lake District. I've penciled in Kirkstone, Honister, Hardknott & Wrynose passes. My questions are, 1, Any I've missed ? 2, Is there a "best" direction to do each pass in - are...
  2. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone up that way fancy a weekend meet for a bit if craic? Have a weekend off and can't do the National so trying to squeeze a trip in somewhere. Dies anyone know the area well enough to plan a rideout and suggest a good site? Other option is Wales but I hate the M6 journey across! Tight on...
  3. Ride Reports and Pictures
    We tipped up to this after the HU meeting in Ripley. We got roasted there, but the weather was just like home on Monday evening, then it got hot again, just in time for our arrival :D The Hardknott pass was cool, but I wouldn't fancy it much in the wet.
  4. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Better half doing a day of report writing so I won't be missed. Was thinking of heading to jelly's for breakfast 8:30 ish and having a run round those peak district roads- no offroad sadly unless I can get the engine bars sorted on at so will be on varadaro
  5. Transalp
    Hi all I'm considering a weekend around north wales and the peak district staying centrally around Oswestry. Have you any recommendations for roads to visit or even avoid. How prolific are speed cameras? What is the likelyhood of getting stopped by the police? Someone told me both areas are...
  6. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a phone call from Hudders this afternoon...................................... DC has dropped his beloved AT AGAIN :confused: :( :confused: Going up the Wyrenose Pass in the Lakes with Hudders apparently Simon got to the top and thought Russ was takin a few photos :rolleyes...
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Reds 1st month on the road has been pretty hectic..... Two days after passing her 1st MOT in 6 years my 1988 restored TA was ready to hit the open road, 1st stop from Newport Pagnell was the Cat and Fiddle in the Peak District The 4 bikes ready for the off We stayed at a really nice B&B The...
  8. Ride Reports and Pictures
    I've probably messed this up but here's my cack-handed effort to putting a report together first photo at alston on the way there next stop hartside and it's bouncing finally get a site having a quick bite before stuart left us on his guzzi another stop at hartside less busy...
  9. Competitions / Trials
    Regs here; Always a great day..........:cool:
  10. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    HERES a place that welcome well behaved bikers,and do hold rallies. I had a ride up last week,the owners are very freindly young couple,there is a rally there in october and they are expecting 150 bikes,beutiful place and fantastic scenery. looks a bit bare...
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hope you enjoy the report and pictures, had a great day out even with the rain! :thumbright: James691
  12. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Here’s a link to my last ride on my AT 650 it seemed like a good idea at the time to sell it and buy a KTM 950, but as good as the KTM is (and it is very good:toothy7:) I’m already missing my AT :(, anyway here’s the link to the video parts 1 and 2 Peak District weekend part 1 Trail riding...
  13. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hello All, Myself and my girlfriend moved into a cafe in the Peak District about a month ago and I have been meaning to post the details on the site, but did not manage until today when serving four bikers with brews and food I noticed that one of the bikes was an AT with XRV logos on. After...
  14. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Then there were four :D Hudders, Digital captive, Campagman and me had a good ride around the peak district today, despite the weather we had a good day, including a river crossing :D all through safely. I cannot work out how to get the photos on to this thread so they are on the North West...
  15. Travel
    Hi All, I'm going to ride up to Birmingham and the peak district next weekend. Can anyone suggest a nice B&B near Birmingham (meeting a friend there for lunch) and another one for the Peak District? Looking for something not too expensive and preferably with facility to park my bike... All...
  16. Chatter
    Hello not bike related - the carbs are fine thanks!! i need to find somewhere that hires out small motorboats at this time of year preferable on Ullswater! i have tried all the hire places that i can find onthe web and non are open until easter! it's all about a planned romantic gesture...
  17. Travel
    Hi All I'm planning to travel to/through the Lake District for a day or two over the weekend ... me and my TA! What are the not to be missed routes/sights? Thanks
  18. Ride Reports and Pictures
    I believe a few bike may be visiting the Lakes in September :p Here's a taster of what u might just find.... All fully legal - the Lake's are amazing to ride I visit about once every 2 months Had a weekend of riding over Easter - great fun Just didn't have enough time...
  19. Chatter
    going on a late trip with family to lake district tomorrow any thing to def see and do while there cheers darren
  20. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Does anyone here take runs across the Peak District?
21-40 of 41 Results