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  1. For Sale: Transalp 650 2002 RD11 in parts

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    Taking the thing apart to the last bolt! Story behind it can be found in: End of an era.... Since someone already asked for parts. If anybody needs anything just holler. customer disturbing... will have to finish later...
  2. Disturbing images

    Not exactly the kind of thing you want to see in this festive season, but this is what the Metropolitan Police do to peaceful protesters: Kettling video 'appalling', police watchdog panel chair says | UK news | The Guardian The chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority's civil liberties...
  3. disturbing rattle!!

    Hi there folks I was after some help regarding a rattle that has developed on my alp. From cold start i always let it run for 10 to 15 mins before i set off but ive noticed that when i pull it up off the sidestand a rattle occurs on the right hand side of the engine. It seems to come from the...
  4. Disturbing noise when I pull the clutch down on neutral

    Africa Twin
    I recently bought a 99 RD04 Africa Twin I have the most Disturbing noise when I pull the clutch down on neutral. My first guess is that it is the clutch housing, 1. Can it be something else? 2. If I will keep on ridding like that can it cause any other damage? 3. Anyone knows of a parts dealer...