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    Good news for bikers?? (or possibly divers!!) In theory, we should now be able to wear waterproof clothing made of tissue? BBC News - Gadgets 'made waterproof in an hour' :toothy3:
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    If yes Have you done any cold water/Winter diving???? Reason i ask i had this idea the other morning on my way to work.Could you use the sock/shoe part from a winter diving suit as socks for biking inside your biking boots??? Waterproof and should be warm or am i barking(as...
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    Anyone here also into SCUBA Fancy getting wet sometime ? Im BSAC Sports Diver/ Trainee Dive Leader, Qualified to 35 Meters. Anyone else out there a keen diver ? No Jokes about Muff Diving either !
1-3 of 3 Results