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  1. Oops

    Africa Twin
    Oops, So after taking a couple of bits to the powder coater he tells me he's going to be away working for 5 weeks, out come the spanners and look what happened to my bike! I have to say I was pretty chuffed no seized or rounded bolts and the shock linkages nice and greased. I'm going to...
  2. New member from Wirral

    Just put a deposit on a 2013 Vara with 2,500 miles on the clock. Couldn't resist it. Traded in a DL650 which I did 25,000 miles in 3 years on. Lovely bike, just needed a bit more power for touring with OH.
  3. Screen solutions No 546

    After modifying my Vara screen & being quite impressed, the Transalp feels plain draughty & noisey. I reckon the way forward is multi layered & high. Modified MRA on the Vara (the MRA was rubbish as stock). I've been looking at a suitable donor screen for the Alp for some time, only when I...
  4. For Sale: @T Centre stand Lift Handle

    For Sale / Wanted
    £10 posted.....
  5. Stupid Fuel Tap Handle

    Africa Twin
    Yup, I broke it...for the second time!:mad: Has anyone fashioned a flexible idiot-proof alternative for part no. 11?
  6. spindle

    can anybody confirm spindle dimensions for ta 650. spindle 17mm with fat end dia 22mm and 230mm long. if this is correct its the same size as xr 600 92 onwards,xr 400 and xr650r. anbody got one for sale?
  7. Oi Vader

    Hold on to anything for long enough and it will be back in vogue. BBC News - Lederhosen and dirndl dresses make a comeback Now where did that old photo go?
  8. NWS: Tailgating (well the sound is but rest OK)

    This me me laugh. The pictures speak for themselves and are work safe but the commentary.... Well if you are at work I'd turn those speakers off. Blackvue camera; 44ton truck v Motorway lane hogger - YouTube
  9. Wanted: RD04 Centre stand grab handle

    For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone have one for sale please? Or can someone show me a photo/dimensions to have one made. Thanks
  10. Honda nc700x vs suzuki dl650 vstrom

    You'll never get a more comprehensive write up than this.......Probably. :) :confused: Compare Honda motorcycles NC 700 X vs Suzuki DL650 V-Strom: Ready for the X? If only I could understand English. :confused: :hitler:
  11. Honda xl700 or DL650 please help

    HI I have found a Honda xl 700 also a Suzuki DL650 both same age 2008 the honda done 15000mls Suzuki 8000mls same price i like them both help me decide which one please and why Ann
  12. New DL 650

    Got '09 Wee Strom....what a great little bike...sad to see my old TA go..but now pleased with the update. :thumbright::thumbright::thumbright: Neil
  13. DL 1000 K7GT V-STROM For sale /px

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi ,ive got an 07 1000 vstrom that id need to either sell or px with a cheaper bike (transalp would be nice):thumbright: Its done 6200 miles and has fsh with 9 months warranty remaining. Great bike with lots of extras including panniers,topbox,centrestand,heated grips,adj screen,scott...
  14. Test ride of DL 1000 vstrom.....

    Just a few words on the test ride of the Suzuki DL1000 V strom at the weekend . Yes I know its no good for off roading but seeing as my @ never goes off road ,I at least needed to try it out . The bike was a 02 with 11,000 miles , clean but I suspected that its was not that well...