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  1. Funny video

    Probably been posted before but it's new to me..... BMW Talk - YouTube Sent from my iPhone with a smile :)
  2. Everlys - favourites?

    RIP Phil. Love those beautiful harmonies. What is your favourite? So many to choose from, but I've always loved this outsider
  3. Here's my Blackie

    Africa Twin
    This is my '96 AT. I've had it since March and I'm her 4th owner. I've done the bike over from top to bottom, killing all the rust I could see. I've cleaned and painted the exhaust and leading pipes, changed the front rim and spokes, repainted the front brake discs, repainted the instrument...
  4. Black Pig III Rally N Yorkshire

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi! There's a small do at the Snooty Fox near Staxton - Scarborough, Fri 1st to 3rd Feb. Run by a club from Doncaster - Bands on as well. I think this will be a very small affair, winter riders mainly. Then - The Black Pig III Rally - at the same place, run by Stef KKS "69 MCC" May 16th to...
  5. Trail riding around Didcot / Wantage on the TA

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Saturday just gone, the weather was good, the rest of the family were out so I had the afternoon to myself:) So decided to go exploring some green lanes in the area on the Transalp. I intend organising a XRV rideout sometime in the future so thought this could be a reccy into planning what...
  6. Helmets with Removable linings

    What are people's thoughts on the best helmets to get which have removable linings for washing? Not sure I can get my head into an Arai, coulndn't last time I tried, so I am thinking of either a Schuberth or and Arai X-Spirit. Schuberth has flip down "shades" in it so that is kind of...
  7. Last ride before winter break - Col del Lys

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Woke up yesterday morning and the weather was horrible, but since it could have been the last ride of the year, I jumped on the AT and headed out with Daniele on the KTM. Up on the mountain the weather changed really quickly, ranging from sunny :shock: to dark gray clouds... beautiful! As...
  8. Old skool Honda pics

    Link to some old (and newer) photos of Dakar Hondas Enjoy :D...
  9. Shrewsbury Honda Centre

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    These guys are great, especially as the mechanic is also an Africa Twin rider; Shrewsbury Honda Centre - 01743 440770 Map here:,315500&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&dn=577