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  1. Yet another silly video.....again!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I eventually bought the Batzen Screen Adjuster for the AT CRF1000L :D Seemed a good opportunity for another video...... Have a laugh, might have been slightly hung-over :thumb: Oh, mic went dodgy in places....
  2. Indicators

    Have noticed recently that it takes about 4 seconds for my indicators to engage after being turned on, not a highly technical bod myself.......but could it be a dodgy relay??
  3. Check your frames

    Stripping down my xl650 to remove the engine,got all the top bits off and decided to have a go at the exhaust.Laying down to check where it was bolted on i notice the frame looked a bit dodgy,using a lever found the frame was completely rusted through and detached.So people get out and check...
  4. XR500R for sale

    I have a guy coming round to show me his Honda XL500R he has for sale. The engine has 50000 miles on the clock , is there anything I should look out for with this bike apart from the dodgy front mudguard? Anyone aware of any weaknesses with this bike:thumbup:
  5. Bit of a bodge

    Dominator / FMX
    I thought I would have a go at this bodging melarky. I bodged up a couple exhaust brackets out of an old road sign that I found ,(honest occifer) so I could see how my exhaust looks on my project bike. :clown::clown::clown: I took a 40mm strip of 3mm aluminium and used a socket , a hammer and my...
  6. Dodgy battery? Anyone can help ?

    Africa Twin
    XRV750 RD07A 1997. Battery flat, got bike started and rode with lights off to recharge. Today I took some measurements with a multimeter across the battery terminals Engine switched off 12.3 Volts (seems a bit low to me) At tickover with lights off, battery shows 14.2 Volts At tickover with...
  7. Fuel filter RD07

    Africa Twin
    Just fitting a Facet fuel pump and wondering if I can fit a different fuel filter with a clear window so if it's captured any crap from dodgy fuel outside Europe I can see it has and clean it. Sounds a good idea in theory but anyone know of a clear case fuel filter that's cleanable? Thanks in...
  8. Hybrid Africa Twin on eBay!!!

    Africa Twin
    There's an RD07a looking AT on eBay at the moment registered an as RD03!! Is it me but it all sounds a bit dodgy to me, even the RD07a frame has the RD03 frame plate on it. It may have Ohlins shock but the claim that it's possibly the best ever AT to be on eBay sounds way off...unless anyone on...
  9. Movember barftone

    Charity Events
    Hi Team. I shall be taking part in MOVEMBER supporting mens health. Please follow this link if you can help. Movember United Kingdom - Home I shall be going for the Tom Selleck Tashhhhh look without the hair, complete with dodgy 70s aftershave being worn all month! There will be a suprise...
  10. DOG LEG Clutch lever for 125 Varadero 06

    Trying hard tae find a mair dog legged or adjustable clutch lever for ma nearest and dearest other halfs 125 Varadero. Shes only got wee mitts and the span is jist on the limit o her reach making for the occasional dodgy take off! Ah see that the earlier model Vara125 clutch lever seems tae be...
  11. Wanted: Hornby track

    For Sale / Wanted
    Don't know if anyone has any 00 track for sale, September i'm going to board my mothers loft out and run 4 trainsets interlinked which will be roughly 12ft square so i need as much track as i can get, long straights are a must but anything considered if anybody has any for sale. May also...
  12. New Zealand bike hire

    Anyone hired a bike in NZ? Planning on going back there in march 2013, this time to do some bike touring as well as showing the missus a bit of my favourite country ;-) I'd like to hire a GS, but I don't think the missus' dodgy hips will cope too well, so it looks like it'll be an RT or a Pan...
  13. Other XR's

    Other XR's i've had the pleasure to own over the years... The XR650R was massive fun but i used to struggle starting it with me dodgy knee. Not strictly a XR i know but the XLR250 as i've tried to explain to my mates is still one of the best bikes i've ever owned. I used to ride it to work, ride...
  14. Dodgy neutral light

    Mechanical Advice
    It seems my TA is not complete without an electrical gremlin. Having sorted the simultaneous dead battery and sidestand switch that was plaguing me two months ago, I now have an intermittent neutral light fault. I switch the bike on and the neutral light is off, despite being in neutral at the...
  15. Stumpyfingers dodgy driving...

    Come on Si, admit it, you have been at the sherry early again haven't you? Double decker bus overturns leaving 20 injured after collision with lorry | Mail Online Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  16. dodgy starting

    Dominator / FMX
    last couple of day the SLR has been intermittant on the button, sometimes just a click and sometimes starts fine, charged battery and checked obvious...persisting. quite capable but would appreciate any hints before I start digging. please dont tell me that i need a 3oo quid starter motor after...
  17. A dodgy deal??

    I just love the description in this eBay ad for a rear shock! DANGER One to avoid, methinks?? ;)
  18. Dodgy transalp clutch cable!

    If you lose your clutch adjustment within a few days of having last adjusted it, check the cable first - This wee surprise was hidden from view inside the cable outer. Wasn't found straight away of course, oh no, first the exhaust, clutch casing etc was dragged off and taken apart, then a couple...
  19. Some well dodgy people on here innit !!!!

    Seriously concerned about the people that occupy this board and the sort of people it attracts- I really am. I casually mentioned in a post that I would have to get me one of those gps thingies for all the rallies Im planning next year. Next thing I know I'm getting a pm from stanbloke to...
  20. Dodgy petrol

    Filled her up the other day and wow talk about flat! Seems to have had an adverse affect in cold weather too found myself useing the dreaded choke :shock: Seems I have copped for some cheap fuel should have known really it still runs ok but not as it should flat trouble warmin up sounds daft...