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  1. It looks like Croatia might actually happen

    It seems like Hudders and me have been talking about this trip for ages, now it seems it might actually be going to happen as just booked on the rail saver train from S-Hertogenbosch to Alessandria on 29 June 2012. On the way down to Croatia we'll be taking in the Dolomites, Slovenia and...
  2. Licence Requirements in EU

    Planning a trip to the Dolomites next year and one of my co-travellers mentioned that you need to have held your M/C licence for a minimum period of a year to be able to enter certain countries. Of course he couldn't remember which countries! Anyone heard of this requirement and has anyone got...
  3. Italian Dolomites meeting in August

    Hi all ! I wish to let you know that a group of Italian Transalp club members have organized a meeting in South Tyrol from 20th till 23rd August 2009. This is not an official meeting such as the ITT, a national or a regional meeting, the purpose of this event is giving Italians and foreign...
  4. The Dolomites - a tale of two halves

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Up at around 6am on Thursday 6th July, ready for check-in on the IOM Steam Packet ferry at 6.45, with a 2.5 hour crossing to Liverpool. Motorway all the way down to Folkestone and the Channel Tunnel, stopping only for fuel as necessary. I got to the tunnel in plenty of time as there wasn't...