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  1. ohlins shock recalls

    Mechanical Advice
    I dont know if this is old news or not but thought i'd post it up just in case
  2. Hello to everyone!! Just joined!

    Dominator / FMX
    Just thought I'd say Hi! I'm hoping to buy a 1989 Dom from a friend in a few weeks so I thought I'd join up and check out whats going on. Ive had a few XL's, a XT Tenere and XTX660 in the past. Never had a dom before but have always liked the look of them since i saw the 1st ones in about 89...
  3. Pumper carb

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Anyone ever fitted a pumper carb I intend to fit one as a replacement to the standard on a dom nx650 ? Any help!
  4. xl250s an domi

    hi Guys,, im finding it difficult to get a hold of a 23" front fur ma xl250s... will a domi 21" front wheel fit straight on there. or would i nedd to change the hub. as ones a disc an the other a drum ???
  5. Wanted: back wheel drum type for 1990 transalp /diskbrake wheel/swinger off a domi

    For Sale / Wanted
    a domanator back end should do maybe even a good hub would do i could get my rim fitted to it thanks a lot .:thumbup:
  6. AT Cams, which front, which rear?

    Africa Twin
    Putting the engine back together, and can you believe I can't remember which cam is front and which rear. Anyone have a photo? No visible indication on the cams, just some random raised letters.:confused: Thanks
  7. Wanted: landrover series lift pump glass bowl

    For Sale / Wanted
    bit of a random request - but i know there are a couple of landy fok on here just need a couple for a project im working on - anyone got an old one lying around?? thank you.
  8. buying a dom.

    Dominator / FMX
    hi is there thing i should look for when buy a dominator ie faults i seen a 2003 here in spain any help would good:cool:
  9. dom faults

    Dominator / FMX
    hi guys i am thinking about buying a dommie and i was wondering what faults ,these bikes have and are there many on the market.what is the dommie like off road.
  10. XRing a Dom

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, been watching forum for ages and registered a while ago but here's my first input! I used to have aN XR600 converted to a supermotard and it always ran as sweet as a nut, never stalled at the lights always started 1st or 2nd kick and went like the clappers. Have now got a Dom and seems like...
  11. Include the Dom and XR 650?

    Personally, I think if we're going to have the Trans Alp and Varadero on this @ forum, then why don't we give the last big Honda trailies, the Dominator and XR 650 owners a look in? I think we should. What about you lot?