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  1. Kids Weekend
    As per subject. Please for for all the weekends that are NO GOOD for you and the one that accomodates the most wins. Preference will be given to the fewest votes but Twin Burner has the final say as he does all the donkey work. Only vote if you really plan to attend though please
  2. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just joined this forum so please excuse me if I have posted this in the wrong place. Also I'm a phoney and don't have an AT (did have 15 years ago) but I have a 1980's Honda XLV750R (owned donkey's years). Not seen many here in the UK. A few things; Any meetings down on south coast? I run a...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hello all from Windhoek! I'm new here, and I don't even own a Honda, but the girlie does. Stupid fool mistake with a bike trailer saw us putting a hole in the tank: a tear about 5cm long at the bottom of a fairly deep dent. The guys at the local Honda dealership feels that a new tank must be...
  4. Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Great Kid's Day (Wash) Out - Part 1 OK, so it was raining. But it's a bank holiday for heaven's sake, it always rains :crybaby: No need to be alarmed - it'll ease off - it always does :D Got a txt from Whealie saying it was all systems go so we saddled up and rode west :thumbup: We...
  5. Chatter
    if everyone in england scotland and wales stood say, at lands end, would the country tip over :confused: I've had my 5 bottle of Wonkey Donkey and these things trouble me at times like this :angel9: :D
  6. Chatter
    Lets learn from our collective experience - For instance my favourite touring tips to share are: 1) To convert KMs on continental distance signs to miles look at your speedo. For instance if it's 100km to Grenoble then 100kph = roughly 60mph = 60 miles to Grenoble - HEY PRESTO! 2) On...
1-6 of 14 Results