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  1. We're all doomed !

    Track Europe's falling, 2,000-pound satellite in real-time A defunct satellite from the European Space Agency the size of a Chevy Suburban is set to plunge to Earth somewhere between Sunday and Monday -- and experts say there's no way to precisely determine where it will crash. Where is it now...
  2. Thetford Safari 17-18-19 May 2013 Ride and camp report.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I do hope that you enjoy reading the following as much as I am writing and recalling what was a fabulous weekend. Firstly thank you. A big thank you to the ATR team for organizing everything, Dan and Tom for the trail rides, and booking the site, plus Dan's BBQ, also thank you to Graham...
  3. Sprocket not splines

    Evening all. Had some quality garage time this weekend and amongst other things decided to look at the output shaft splines. First impressions were far from encouraging I thought I was doomed but then thought I might have a look at the shaft itself. So after a trip to Halfords to get a big...
  4. XT6's rant of the week (about MPJ's rant of the week.)

    I'm currently on this motorbike website watching a grossly underheight 125 rider (yes it is short, feisty, underpowered with a stink of petrol) feed her fellow members opinionated twaddle. One rides an XL650 and badly behaved, another rides a repsol XRV. Said 125-rider is feeding both XRVers an...
  5. Mpj's rant for the week

    I'm currently on a tube train watching a grossly overweight chav ( yes it is tracksuited, orange make-up, covered in H Samuels jewellery and stinks of cigarette smoke) feed her two children chocolate and fizzy drinks. One child is 7 and badly behaved, the other is still in a pram and can't be...
  6. Fairing for White 1988 Transalp...are they like gold dust or something?

    Also.... I came off my bike at a junction in the wet (at a ridiculously low speed i might add) and damaged the left front quarter panel (the panel with the indicator in. I also lost the right panel that covers the battery on the right hand side a hile back. So i've been trying to find a...
  7. TA wind noise -extreme

    Sorry if this is an old topic, but I’m a new TA rider and I really want to get it sorted before I go deaf or mad. I need the collective help of the TA world experience about wind noise. From 40mph upwards even with ear plugs it sounds like a pneumatic drill on my head. Is there a solution...