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  1. Smallest van to fit a 650 in

    I’m working down in Dorset and thinking of hiring a van to collect my bike one weekend, rather than spend 6 hours on the train and then 5 hours back mostly on motorways. It also means I can bring another suitcase of bits and pieces with me, I work at sea so spend months away at a time. Can I...
  2. hi from dorset!

    hi, i'm josh from dorset, i am planning on buying a transalp in the next week or two (as soon as my guzzi sells). over the last couple of years i have had several bikes, all of which have been too old and unreliable to depend on as a workhorse. my first bike was an XT 600 34L which although i...
  3. Newbie saying Hi

    Hi All, Thought I ought to say hello. :hello2: I got myself a Transalp VA700 a few months ago and it's pretty cool. I've just done 3 days touring in Somerset and Dorset, which I know on the scale of things is quite lightweight, but I did 750 odd miles which was a lot for me and it was awesome...
  4. The Quiet Road

    Great Roads/Routes
    I found a book that may be of interest to soft roaders more Vara than XR. The title is The Quiet Road by C Greenwood A5 format 72 pages. It is a series of routes, tours of 80 to 150 miles, generally starting from Bath that generally went over country lanes- the quiet roads, in the mid west...
  5. Wanted: WTD pls Decent XT600 ..

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    cash waiting ! anyone know of a nice bike that may be up for sale ? thanks Bill in exeter PS seen the one in dorset but £2800 ..!!!! if he dropped £500 I'd consider it !
  6. XR400 Side Stand Help

    I have a problem with the side stand. I have had the bike a few years. It did not have a stand when I bought it. I thought I would just buy another one and bolt on. Then I realised there is no where to bolt it! It did not really bother me as I use it off road only. However I want to get it on...
  7. greenlaning dorset

    Hi everyone Im completly new to greenlaning and have no idea how to go about it, so i have a few questions. I live in swanage dorset, where are the nearest green lanes? And do i have to be appart of an association to green lane? thanks kelvin
  8. Green Laning in Dorset

    Great Roads/Routes
    Hi Forum user's I have been wanting to start going green laning for a while now on my Honda MTX 125 but have no clue when it comes to where I can ride:confused: If anyone has experience of of green laning in Dorset I would greatly appreciate some pointers as to where I can ride. Thanks:thumb:
  9. Green laning in Dorset

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Everyone I have just bought a Monnier/Honda XR and am looking for some advice on where to go in Dorset and also of any green laning clubs that might operate in my area?:blob4:
  10. Spanners Independent Motorcycle Mechanics POOLE Dorset

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Just like to say this team is great! I didnt want to take my bike to Bournemouth Honda and J2s wait list was over 6 weeks! Due to problems I was experiencing with the bike I decided to give these guys a try! 4K service was done a day after I rang them! Good professional service using genuine...
  11. hunt for mud, Sunday dorset.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi guys Looking to go out for a bit a light laning next Sunday. Just me so far, starting from Verwood heading north, a bit of the ox drove and compton down lanes, maybe ending up at the plain. Not to fast, as I have not been out for a while. I'll be on the Xr war bike, and looking for Mud. Any...
  12. Green Lanes In Dorset

    Can anyone recommend a website that lists all the green lanes in the Dorset area as the Dorset County website has turned up nada? Finally built up the balls to take my bike for some gentle off roading, now just gotta find out where :D EDIT: Updated with useful URL from later on in the thread...
  13. Dorset lanes Sunday the 18th

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Me and Monkfish are going to have a ride out on Sunday the 18th. We will be starting at the shell garage near Salisbury. at 9.30 the same place we met, the last ride out we had. Taking in the Compton down track and the Oxdrove then out to the plain. should be a full days riding and good fun...
  14. Hants / Wilts / Dorset Meet

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone up for a meet maybe in these areas?
  15. Dorset

    Great Roads/Routes
    Will be spending easter weekend in Dorset, does anyone have any reccommended rides, loops, greenlanes etc. Paultheold - I see from your location that this is your neck of the woods. We will be staying in Corfe Castle & would like to get the ferry to the Isle of Wight for the day. If you see a...