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  1. Similar website URL YIKES!!!!!!

    Ended up at XRV dot com by accident yesterday. Holy sh*t!
  2. Transalp Going Green

    Just finished reassembling after a respray. Hope the image link works.
  3. ACF-50

    Mechanical Advice
    I've heard some good things about this essence ;) 17 quid a throw from Amazon dot co dot UK, but I read that it's best placed in the kitchen sink, in warm water for a bit, to thin it out before applying? Any tips appreciated, thanks :)
  4. Monmouth Sat 10th Nov.

    Competitions / Trials
    Last minute dot com!! But this little hill climb seems like it may be a laugh. I'm in on the big XR. WG&DF MCC: Stump Wood Hill Climb - June 2012
  5. Wanted: Footpegs

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone have larger xrv750 foorpegs or xr footegs they dotn want anymore
  6. Tyres - confused dot com!!!

    Hiya, OK I have the following tyres on my bike at the minute (came with them on so don;t blame me! 90/90/21 and 130/80/17. I picked up a Pirelli MT90 Scoprion A/T 90/90/21 for the front and want get the matching rear tyre. However, the Haynes Manual recommends 130/80/17 but the Pirelli site...