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  1. XL600R Newbie from Düsseldorf, Germany

    I’m a Newbie from Düsseldorf, Germany and own my XL600R PD03 now since 36y’s. By this way I like to expand my range to British XL600R riders. Here is a 1st impression of my old bucket: .
  2. which wire

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi this is going to sound a stupid question but eh! I have just got a trail tech vapor speedo. the red and black wires to attach to the ht lead (tachometer) surely the red wraps round the ht lead and the black to ground surely? this is not what i am reading in the download version of the manual...
  3. A decent workshop manual?

    Any suggestions. I cannot find a download version. The Haynes is rubbish. It says changing clutch cable is in chapter 19. There are only 9 chapters!
  4. Wales - pictures + gps-data download

    Here are a few shots of our Wales trip. For more pictures + download of the gps-data: Motorcycle-Vagabonds - Wales - Motorcycle Journey See you on the road! Frank
  5. Portugal

    Touratech are creating a database of adventure routes through Europe. The first one is in Portugal and available for download.
  6. True Adventure poster

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks In this weeks MCN their is a art deco type poster of the new & old africa twins in a desert. It says free to download, has anyone had any luck. Or am I being particaly blonde & cant find it anywhere Trev
  7. Honda Service Repair Manuals PDF

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to share with you a place where you can download service manuals for your motorcycle. This site has a daily limit of 4 service manuals. Honda Service Manuals Hope it helps!
  8. Africa twin service manual - free download

    Africa Twin
    Hello Folks! For anyone interested in downloading the service manual for your AT, go to the following site. The manual is in three parts and download is FREE!!!!! Good luck! PDF Moto Manual
  9. EWD mororcycles

    Other Bikes
    A lot of EWDs,Microfiches - I found this link Yamaha repair manual download EWD microfiches
  10. Free Motorcycle workshop manuals

    Mechanical Advice
    I cannot vouch for all the content, but there are a lot of good manuals for older bikes here. The legitimacy you will have to decide yourself if you d/l one ;) Motorcycle service manuals for download, free!
  11. baby alp project

    the 600 looked lonely on the garage so i brought it home a little brother a96 jap alp 400 she has cracked plastics and is a rough oul dog but she'll do her job plans are clean her up,maybe change the colour if money allows,put a stubby scorpian can on it and use her as a traily
  12. Mad March Hare, Ed March needs pledges to make DVD

    You have most probably heard about my sons mate Ed March well he is trying to get his filming professionally edited and produced for all to see , he needs to get £7500 to do it he has £5655 but he only has 6 more days, pledges will not be taken if the DVD is not made , £10 ges a download £20 a...
  13. Download manuals from official BMW website

    Link: BMW Motorrad International It's an official BMW website with free download of newer models owner manuals in different languages. I did not manage to find the same possibility to download manuals on the German or Swedish official BMW websides. /Kjell
  14. points of interest

    Hi there... do any of you know of POI lists which you can download into a garmin GPS. I am particularly interested in motorcycle repair shops across europe. such a list would be fantastic to have if you are travelling and something crops up.... cheers. thanks Reuben
  15. Dominator Manual

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello Does anyone have, or know where I ca download a Workhop Manual for my 1994 Dominator, Carbs need servcing new to the bike ? Cheers Mogz
  16. Anyone know Python programming?

    A long shot, I know. :D I wrote a short python program a while ago to download data over a serial link and it worked fine under Python 2.6.5, but doesn't want to play under 2.7. More specifically, I test for available COM ports and then request which one to use. Under Python 2.7, the test for...
  17. Xr 600 Service manual download

    Free downloadable service manual XR600R Link -
  18. manuals to download

    Mechanical Advice
    there are a some online manuals here i see transalp, @, dommie, all in the list and if yuo have any manuals that you can upload to help others pleas edo so, I have uploaded a lot of RD manuals merv