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  1. spark plugs

    Africa Twin
    hi guys i think i got the wrong plugs for my xrv 650 i got DPR9EA9 instead of DPR8EA9 will i burn a hole in the pistons with the DPR9EA9,S or am i good to go...thanks in advance again..regards :confused::confused:
  2. Spark plugs

    Africa Twin
    Hi does anyone know the correct spark plug nr. for the RD07? the one that was supplied by Honda is longer than the one thats in my bike Honda supplied DPR8Z in the bike was DPR8EA
  3. 2000 Nx 650 Spark plug..

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, Thought I'd spoil the old girl with a new plug, Standard NGK DP8EA-9 for £3.00 or does it need an all singing all dancing, 1 x DPR8EIX-9 NGK IRIDIUM spark plug upgrade. Part Number: 2202 for £7.00 Standard engine, 15k on the clock, runs well... Any thoughts...? Cheers, Dave..
  4. Iridium plugs and setting the gap.

    Africa Twin
    Hi. Just got a set of four Iridium plugs (DPR8EIX-9) and am interested to know if I need to set the gap or if I can use them straight out of the box. Thanks. Si...
  5. First 1000 miles on my Varadero

    After coming from an RD04 Africa Twin, the Varadero was quite a shock to begin with. First impressions was that it felt a lot softer and not as tight as the Africa a very different feel. It also felt a lot more powerful and more comfortable than the Africa. The engine did not feel quite as...
  6. Sloppy Maintenance

    Africa Twin
    I'm just giving the AT a service. Changing the brake lines as well whilst changing the brake fluid. And doing all of the other stuff. Whilst changing the plugs I found that the one under the tank was a DPR7EA and all the others were DPR8EA. The last time the plugs were changed was by the...