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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Has anyone got a lower Yoke and stem for a DR350 they want to sell? Thanks Jim
  2. Chatter
    anyone ever go riding with this lot Great trails in Wales been trying to hit the welsh trails with with my mates all year but it just hasn't happened , seems they've lost interest or just got to old and decrepit, so looks like ive got to find someone else to go with, and these rides with someone...
  3. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, well I have a deposit for my Bandit in my sticky little hands, and so just seeing if someone has a DR 350 or XT 600e, or similar. Anyone got one going spare, or know someone who has? Just so win those seeds :thumbright:
  4. Chatter
    Well after me up and coming annual flit over the bridge and blast around S.Wales I'm toying with moving my Bandit on! I fancy something I've not had before and currently thinking of either: Honda Dullville and an older DR350, and yes I know two very different tools for different jobs (and prob...
  5. Suzuki
    Hi all, I'm new to the DR350 scene so please be gentle with what will I'm be some stupid questions! My '92 DR350 has a really bad oil leak from the magneto/generator cover. I took the cover off and sure enough there was a piece of gasket missing about an inch long. My question is, should there...
  6. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Well after a good few years away from bikes, I've taken the plunge and got myself one. This time round it's a DR350 which needs a bit of work. I used to have an RD03, which for some foolish reason I sold (ended up buying a pushchair with the money!) and have regretted since. So that's me saying...
  7. Suzuki
    What is all that about?!!!!! :mad: I thought when I was taking it off that it was gonna be a bit awkward refitting. What a bloody understatement....I gave up and walked away a couple of times.....nearly phoned Bob in Bristol...considered burning the p*xy thing! Did it in the end but that's...
  8. Suzuki
    Those 'bone' shaped raising lowering links. Does anyone know the length of each? I'm trying to decide which is fitted to my DR350....I've a set of raisers (apparently) that Whealie bought that are the same length as those on there. Enforced 3 or more days off so having a look at it. Thanks...
  9. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I've got a suzuki DR350 which came with a mt43 rear tyre and a v rubber front tyre, however on the road the front tyre isnt great so im looking to replace it. I need a tyre that will cope on wet and dry roads, mud and gravel, so any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Suzuki
    Quiet in here..... Anyone come across this sort of thing?... ADVrider - View Single Post - DR350 Thread Just moochin' around before work.....:happy6:
  11. Suzuki
    Just in case anyone here knows anyone who wants one
  12. Suzuki
    Hello, I'm after some help. Firstly does anybody have an electric start dr. I'm after the code on top of the cdi and some pics of what wires go where. The reason I ask is I have converted a kick start to dual start. Does anybody have the correct cdi for sale. It has dual pick up. Hopefully there...
  13. Suzuki
    quick question going to attempt the valve clearances for the first time on the dr tommorow. as mine is a kick start model thus it has a manual decompression lever do i have to completely disconnect the actuation cable. cheers martyn
  14. Suzuki
    hi, a little cracker of a DR has come up not too many miles away from me. Before i take the plunge i was wondering if there are places out there that do aftermarket bits (tall screen etc) as i'd like to make it a comfortable commuter to be used through the winter :) cheers
  15. Suzuki
    hello just got myself a dr350 sp as a run about while my gsxr is of the road. but i have come across a few problems with the dr350 has anyone got any spares knocking around at the back of the shed cheers martyn
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    For a DR350 but I guess pretty much any 6 wire one would do. Anyone got one languishing unloved? Beer tokens waiting
  17. Suzuki
    Hi Chris, I was routing through my old phone and found this photo, I think this may be your DR350 (my old one) :D
  18. Ride Reports and Pictures
    I was out with adimurp with his new to him DR350 today. Great fun on the jumps and these climbs are way steeper than they look on video. Climbs And Jumps - YouTube Then a lap of the bing A Lap of the Bing - YouTube All in all a few hours fun and no rain for once :)
  19. Suzuki
    After two years of blood sweat and tears of rebuilding this is the final product. its a 1991 j plate. it was a kick only but is now a dual start which is fantastic. what do you think.
1-20 of 34 Results