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  1. For Sale: Mitutoyo 500 digital caliper

    For Sale / Wanted
    Any engineer or mechanics out there? I have a Mitutoyo 500 digital caliper for sale. It is as new, in the original packaging still and only been used once or twice. They go for around £75 on Amazon, but don't mistake it for the cheap draper type, this is real quality. £45 plus £5 for...
  2. Shovel- Draper folding Shovel

    With the recent bad weather and a couple of feet of snow I stumbled across a folding shovel in focus of all places. At £9.99 I though it was worth a punt. Draper Folding Steel Shovel : It worked a treat for digging the next doors car out. It's a bit of a backbreak as I am 6ft...