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  1. Africa Twin Drawing

    As promised a picture my Dad (age 74) drew of my bike, He came round before xmas and took about 20 photos and off he went, he also put the picture on a mug and is getting a T shirt done for me. Normally his drawings are of Classic Bikes his favourite being the Manx Norton which he gets prints of...
  2. Photoshop Whiz

    Anyone a bit of a whiz with Photoshop who could help us get a National Meet T-Shirt logo done quickly. We have a few images that could be merged and then turned into a line drawing as a T-Shirt logo. But we're also open to artistic influence:D
  3. Line drawing of AT wanted..

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know where I can find a line drawing or 3 view of an RD07 please? Thinking of getting a t-shirt or similar done... Ta muchly in advance:thumbright:
  4. Funny drawing of an AT needed!!!!!!!!!!!

    Africa Twin
    Anybody good at drawing? I'm starting up my own courier company, well, just me and my dog so far, and i was thinking of of using as my logo a funny drawing of an AT as a courier bike. Can anybody help? I'm not much good at drawing.
  5. Help drawing circuit diagram

    You may know that a small team are producing articles for the site's forthcoming "wiki" (don't worry if you don't know what that means). I'm producing an article that requires a simple wiring diagram. Does anyone here have access to software that can draw a simple diagram for me? If you PM your...