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  1. Need some new calipers or refurb

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! Been a while since i last posted.. moved house, got a car, started a family etc, so the rebuild of the RD07A was put on hold... until now :) I am in need of either... some new (second hand) brake calipers (front and back) or info on where i can send my ones for a full refurb etc...
  2. The Dreaded CDI

    Hi Lads I fear that im having CDI issues with my 96 reg 600 alp. She is stuck in the shed at the minute until i find a replacement. My CDI seems to be the single type but it seems harder to locate a spare. Why do some of them have two separate CDI's instead of a single one. Any help appreciated.
  3. Where can I get Dommie throttle cables?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi again. It's all in the title really. I have a 1996 Dominator and the throttle cables are starting to bind, so I thought I will just hop onto David Silver web site and order new ones..........Oh no, not that easy, they can only supply the 'A' cable. On the dreaded eBay you cant get any for a...
  4. dominator head

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone got a head to fit a dominator laying about in the back of their shed, my mates got the dreaded crack between the valves and the valve seat's fallen out :(
  5. RD07a Rim Rot

    Africa Twin
    I have the Dreaded Rim Rot ,Can anyone offer advice for the best wheel rebuilds??? as am thinking of replacing with gold rims as i think they will look much better against red white and blue bodywork.....
  6. Stopping wheel corrosion on CBF125??

    Other Honda
    Just picked up a 7k CBF125 for my son, neat little bike been used carefully as a daily commuter, FSH and a few toys fitted. he is like a puppy with a second tail... However, the seller told me he had to have a new set of wheel fitted under warranty and looking around, the dreaded salt has been...
  7. My New Gold Wheels

    My rims are suffering with the dreaded black spot, so a quick rub down and out with the hammerite. Sorry about the dark blurry pic (hides the brush marks :D )
  8. Sold: Transalp Front Mudguard £15.00 incl postage before ebay?

    For Sale / Wanted
    Got a Transalp front mudguard, thought I would offer it up on here first before the dreaded ebay. How does £15 including postage sound? Complete with speedo bracket as in pic.
  9. The Dreaded Output Shaft.....

    Africa Twin
    So long story short my output shaft is spannered and the sprocket is tack welded on. :( Sadly I don't have any garage space to attempt this myself and I'd rather keep the bike, it's in reasonably good condition RD04 and I think if I do this it would be worth keeping for a good amount of time...
  10. africa twin rims needed

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know where I can get a set of rims for an rd07? mine have the dreaded corrosion and would not risk using them now
  11. AT wheel rims wanted

    Africa Twin
    Know this has been bought up before but anyone know where I can get a front and rear rim and spoke set from, as cheap as possible. Mine have the dreaded corrosion and are USELESS now. Have taken the bike off the road
  12. The dreaded moment has arrived !

    yes its my turn for the photo renewal fiasco and was wondering if things are any better now over the past few months. really dreading this. my luck with this sort of thing is dead sh*te:rolleyes:.
  13. The dreaded Puncture

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I intend doing a bit of travelling this summer, visiting our European Continental Cousins and the awful thought has crossed my mind about the possibly of “loosing the wind beneath my wheels” ..sound like a good song mayhaps ? The dreaded puncture. I have changed a tyre in the comfort (...
  14. Dreaded Choke Seizure

    Africa Twin
    Ah well I had read enough about it but didnt think it would happen to me - My bike is well maintained by me and sprayed with copious amounts of Duck Oil and the like. However it is used all year round and so it is perhaps inevitable that the choke lergy would strike. I think the choke might...
  15. Dreaded Salt on the Roads Already

    I was out yesterday morning and would you believe the A96 between Elgin and Forres, and a part of the Grantown - Forres road had been salted! I know the weather forecast said it was going to be near zero but come on, that's a bit on the early side isn't it? :mad: