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  1. Finally bought a Dremel. Now what?

    Mechanical Advice
    I finally bought a Dremel to cut the chain off my bike before replacing with a new one. While doing this I was amazed how well the small Dremel performed. I started thinking about a Hatton Garden style raid, cutting through a safe full of money but decided thats not really me or appropriate...
  2. RD04 Rally build

    Africa Twin
    So... Decided to give the bike a serious rework to freshen her up. This is the thread to share pictures and stuff... My bike gets used in anger off road. She'll be getting raced next year so time for some TLC and a weight loss program. I have been using her pretty much completely off road...
  3. Cutting up my mudguard. Asbestos sticker.

    Dominator / FMX
    I was just about to take a jigsaw and dremel to my mudguards to shorten and reshape them when I see an asbestos sticker on the rear mudguard underneath the rear rack. It's an RD02 88-89 model and I'm now wondering if this was just stuck on sometime in its life or if these mudguards actually...
  4. My back wheel

    Africa Twin
    Changed the rear tyre on the A/T today and was pleased with the codition of the internals of the wheel rim,there was some corrosion around the valve stem hole which I used a Dremel to grind out back to decent metal and the rest of the rim I just wire brushed and applied a light coating of...
  5. Gear Lever

    My gear lever is a bit loose and doesn't seem to have enough left to tighten it to the shaft. I've looked on line for a replacement but they seem few and far between on this island. Do alternative models have the same ones? Or shall I break out the Dremel clone and 'adjust' the gap? :)
  6. Refresh your spark plug caps!

    Bodgers Corner
    As some of you may know my recently purchased low mileage vfr 750 came with a bit of a misfire/stumble when hot..... After checking the obvious, a delve a little deeper showed high resistance in 2 of the 4 plug caps, 1 had variable/inconsistent resistance & 1 was correct...... Come to think of...
  7. Time to sort out the RD04 - I will not be beaten!!

    Africa Twin
    So following an uninsured driver deciding myself and my AT would make a fantastic addition to the bonnet of his car, my previously good condition RD04 started to look as unhealthy as I do the morning after the office Christmas party Before After :( It could have been worse, thankfully he...
  8. OOGOO - DIY Grommets and other rubbery stuff

    Bodgers Corner
    I needed some new grommets for my bash plate, and while another member here kindly sent me some along with a sprocket cover I bought from him I managed to destroy them by spraying them with stuff to try to soften up the rubber a bit (they were on their way out anyway). Undeterred and still...
  9. Engine spraying... advice please

    Africa Twin
    I'm working on a replacement engine at the moment, which had spent its life on salty Welsh roads. There's alot of flakey paint at the front of the engine block & side cases, the rest is like new. So i dont wish to dremel the whole engine, just take it back to the good stuff. So how should i go...
  10. Barkbusters

    Product Reviews
    Fitted a set of these to my AT... Firstly, very efficient service from Adventure Spec again...less than a week to ship to the back end of Turkey:thumbup: First impressions; Very solid looking and fittings all look OK. However, one M6 Nyloc was missing(not the end of the world, but...) and the...
  11. crankshaft end cap removal

    Africa Twin
    With the new purchase of another Africa I am currently pulling it apart to clean/service. I've only gone and stripped the crankshaft end cap (the cap on the left hand side engine cover that you remove to get to the crankshaft turning bolt). Despite using a decent socket allen key and being...
  12. brake disc pin plug – alternative.

    Mechanical Advice
    Dont understand why these naff wee flatty headed bolts even exist in the calipers. They are always a pain to get out and I have read so many threads on the inevitable drilling out and drifting round and having to pull off the whole unit and dremel it out on the bench type scenarios... A serious...
  13. Modified MRA Vario screen

    Hi all, as I said on a previous thread, my vario screen wasn't doing it for me. Being 6' tall, the highest setting still caused/allowed a lot of wind noise on the old noggin. Crouching down slightly in the saddle made everything go quiet, so I decided a cure must be possible. I came upon the...
  14. Drilling holes in your lid and aerodynamics: help!

    My Caberg Trip is a nice lid, with the minor exception of me not being able to see where I'm going. The visor mists horribly, which makes misting spectacles even worse! So, I got me Dremel out and drilled 4 holes in the visor. Two at the top, toward the edges straight in. Then two more...
  15. Stripped output shaft splines - alternative repair method without welding

    In brief, this is the problem that I was trying to cure: Gearbox output shaft splines stripped as a result, I suspect, of the sprocket being fitted the wrong way around for long enough to cause wear due to uneven loading. Bike unable to move under its own power. The accepted solutions to...
  16. RD07a Engine Removal QUESTION

    Africa Twin
    Hello Folks After months of crap weather, and a year or more of owning a crashed RD07a, I decided to get stripping yesterday. Before you all ask, I was working on my own and didn't take any pics, sorry! After a few hours work yesterday, I had the bike stripped to the engine and frame. Dark...
  17. Foam filter for older TAs

    This mod will work for older (PD06) Transalps and also the RD03 and RD04 Africa twins. As a reminder, I'm a Yank and therefore (among other things) the part number for the filter may not exist in your part of the world. I've never been happy with my paper Transalp filters since I prefer to...
  18. Braking the mould!

    Bodgers Corner
    So I have found the cause of my warped disc. It is not the disc, but the hub, would you believe it?! One of the brake mounting faces has obviously beeb shunted in the past. If that was not annoying enough it itself, this mounting face was shunted away from the disc, not toward. So my...
  19. Aluminum wheel refurb

    Africa Twin
    My wheels that were so shiney and new last year have suffered from lack of TLC. Took a Dremel to the rear and it polished up pretty well but you can still see bits of pitting. Is there anywhere that specializes in polishing or otherwise removing the surface oxidisation?
  20. Cut down screen

    Just thought I'd show you my screen. I had an MRA Vario screen on my GS and it was very good. I haven't had the Transalp long, but luckily it came with a MRA fitted and the original screen too. I found the buffeting and noise with the MRA too much on the Trannie. So, knowing that I still had the...