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  1. South Wales

    Last minute decision for next weekend, myself and a mate have decided to do a visit to South West Wales. Any suggestions for accommodation, drinks etc, staying only 2 nights, maybe someone has done a ride there recently. Thanks
  2. A simple, drunken question on ABR,,,,,

    Just thought I'd share with you all, ok, I have been drinking,,,, what's new????? I simply voiced my opinion!!!!! .S. 'm not following it since my last post...
  3. Oih J.....

    You better watch out:angel9: BBC News - Summer drink-drive crackdown in Wales begins
  4. Happy new year from Bagan

    New year greetings from sunny Bagan! Got my first new year's day pff for 10 years and a a night of feasting and drinking before me....:toothy10::thumbright: Have fun wherever you are everyone!
  5. Transalp Tracey Brothers are off to BMF Kelso Bikefest (6th-8th July)

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi All Any of you XRV's going to Kelso Bikefest Next weekend, as the Transalp Tracey Brothers will be there and look forward to meeting any of you there. the full TTB's will be there as ( all going well?). come rain or shine, we will be drinking wine!! or beer, ale, cider!!!! Thanks TTB1 (...
  6. HoHo its great

    to finally be finally be able to have a drink again Hic% :mrgreen:
  7. Boboneleg will be pleased

    More Brits now drink cider than lager
  8. Its been

    so long since ive tasted the silly juice why dont you all have AC/DC "HAVE A DRINK ON ME" RIO 19/01/1985 - YouTube
  9. Scotland is rubbish

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Boring Roads Boring Country side and please don't ask me about the people:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Can i please move there now:D:D:D Stayed the week in Ullapool.I went up on Monday and was really lucky with the weather,it only rained the first 550 miles and than it stopped:rolleyes::D This...
  10. Anyone playin' this weekend

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anybody fancy a meetup/ride out this weekend within about 100 miles or so of Leicester, I'm quite happy to meet up just for a drink or have a ride out....just to warn you though I'm a relative novice having only passed my test 4 months ago so patience may be required with my riding speed/style...
  11. T'day, I have mostly been winchin'....

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Here is a post I put in my Ural forum (Actually I DO have a life thank you very much....). Thought some bored people might enjoy the read..... Armed with a rope, a winch, my knobbly spare and bit of boredom on a Friday, off I went to explore some of the wooded areas around Tallinn. I turned...
  12. Burfday bash,

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    :D. Tying in with the XRV off road trip, if it runs on 10-11th May, it's my 40th in the week just after. This means I'd like to make a biggish weekend of this, camping/drinking Fri eve, play in the mud Sat, camping/drinking Sat eve, CHEC race...
  13. CHEC Round 1, March 9th.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Oww. That sort of sums it up! Apart from that, a fab day. Daz and myself set off about half nine this morning. Quick spin to the site, it's really nice to have an event so close. (Didn't get up 'till about 9!) Sign on, "scrutineering", ie do you have a bike, a helmet and what tyres are on...
  14. Touring Scotland

    Hi folks, Cornish lad here will be touring scotland in june or july with wife when our work holidays are sorted. We've been all over europe but never been to Scotland. We don't want to go shopping or go to any of the big cities (as were bumpkins), i would be interested in some of the Whiskey...
  15. Weird Stag Do???

    Past Charity Events
    OK, So a few people are starting to give me some ribbing about this , but it's something I wanted to do as soon as my best man suggested it, and I feel this event will be a good way to see out my life so far as a bachelor. I'm just starting to get the word out about's a 100km walk to...
  16. 1992 Mtx125 Running Problems.

    Other Bikes
    Hi, I have a 1992 honda MTX 125 on a j plate. When i got the bike it had been stored for 3 years. I drainned all the fuel,oil, coolent etc etc and refilled before rideing it. I noticed stright away that it does run properly in lower gears. In 1st,2nd and 3rd it runs really rough and in 1st it...
  17. End to End final accommodation list and info

    The Longest Day
    Right then - firstly many thanks for the quick response guys and your patience and cooperation. The following people are paid for and confirmed at LandsEnd Hotel, AND have a confirmed bedspace in The SeaView Hotel at John O Grotes. For the SeaView Hotel at John O Grotes please pay on arrival -...
  18. Any interest in a camping/music weekend at Squires?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Squires cafe bar is a well known 'biker' meeting place, situated just outside of Sherburn -in-Elmet, N.Yorks (just off the A1. There is the possibility of a Saturday night camp with live music - obviously there is a bar on site :p. There is loads of camping (which is free), no entry fee either...
  19. Carbtune Pro.....Does anyone have one

    Hi there, does anyone in the london to Reading area have a Carbtune Pro i could borrow for an hour or so. Alp in hosptial, may not come out!! (long sad story), so i have to check/balance valves on a VFR to stop it drinking more petrol than a rolls royce, and also to stop it being more snatchy...
  20. The Whisky Trail

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just thought I’d start the New Year off with a little project – get photo’s of either the AT or the TA in front of the entrances of as many distilleries as possible before the years end. Started today with the following :- Glenfiddich - Dufftown...