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  1. Returning to the fold

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm Mark, 45, single (not gay) with 3 expensive sprogs and I currently reside in Shipley, Yorks, but not for much longer. I'll start right at the beginning, I saw a red Dommie in London, it was 1988 and it was blatting past Big Ben, I had a GTR1000 at the time (not much difference there...
  2. Weather!

    Past National Meets
    Tempting fate I know, but metcheck says Preston looking good for next weekend....Hoorah! I'll drink to that....or anything else for that matter.
  3. Fancy meetin you here !!

    Went for a ride today, just to enjoy the weather.:D Stopped for a drink and a Black 07 Vara came rollin into the carpark, and low and behold VTwin was aboard !! What are the odds ?, 2 guys from this site, never met before . on the same day , same place, same bike. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.:D...
  4. help - petrol drip

    Other Bikes
    Hi folks Glad to find this forum, hope someone might be able to help; got an xl 125 rc (circa 1983). When running, and for a while after it has stopped, the float overflow drips petrol. I have changed the float and the float valve, but cant stop it. Any ideas, help would be very welcome...
  5. XRV Rally rideouts?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Sorry if I missed a thread but now I've signed up to go on the rally, are there any planned rideouts for Fri/Sat? I'm trying to remember lanes that would be ok for big trailies (and an open mind) in the area. It's been quite a few years since I was trail riding up there but Matterdale common...
  6. Little hol in Norfolk

    Just back from a few days break in norfolk. Due to the state of play at work at the moment I have to settle for a few days here and there when I can grab 'em. We used the inlaws house in Sherringham as a base and cycled and cycled/used the trains from there - covering distances up to 30 miles...
  7. Food/ Drink

    Past National Meets
    What is available on or around the site ? :confused: Is there a pub/ shops or are we carrying enough to last for 4 days:o
  8. what a tune

    venice queen by the hot chilli peppers:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: off of by the way this tune just blows me away when im riding dreamy for the first half then picks up the pace halfway through:headbang: :headbang: :headbang: awsome riding tune :D life is goooood:D and i havnt even...
  9. Ryedale Rally 2007

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, with all the big things going on this weekend, I'll add my own little bit of muddy mayhem to the mix :D . The rally is held in the forests of the North Yorkshire Moors, up above Pickering. Apparently Pickering flooded quite badly last week, causing some shops etc to remain closed. It had...
  10. Lucky 7's Charity Challenge

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    DAY 1 Lucky 7’s Charity Challenge officially started on Sunday 1st July. I left Bridged at 2pm on Saturday heading towards Meriden, it was raining very hard so it not bode well. Mikey arrived and Twinkletoes was all ready to go. We headed off stopping only briefly at the services to...
  11. caravaning verses camping

    After promising her who must be obeyed I finally gave in a bought a touring caravan,Yer i now what your thinking, Anyway we took it on its maiden voyage over the weekend up to builth wells, Brilliant weekend dry (inside the caravan), warm and great fun watching people bailing water out of...
  12. XRV Knights - a lesson in preparedness

    A MASSIVE thank you to Richie, Lord Vader, Chad and Whealie for going out of their way to help me out. There I was..... ;) .. travelled down to Horsham on Sunday night for an early start on Monday morning. Nice hotel, unload the bike, just repositioning the bike to somewhere secure in the...
  13. I have a little problem

    I have just finished a lovely bottle of Rioja ( very nice too) and on investigation find my wine rack empty:( The only stuff I have left is a bottle of Jack Daniels, some martini (it is about 10 years old so not sure if it keeps) a lovely bottle of port - far too nice to drink for the sake of...
  14. ERZBERG 2007 - a short picture story

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As promised, here is a sequel to my previous post on the Erzberg expedition. A few random pics... here we go! We leave on wednesday morning early, our "racing twins" are eager to reach Eisenerz in Austria. The first sight we get of the Iron Mountain... we are so thrilled! The...
  15. Kaokaland Raid

    Discounts / Deals
    Any British riders interested in participating in the Kaokaland Raid We would be pleased to have a Honda team to beat the BM's Kaokaland Raid 15 teams compete over two weeks in the Kaokaland Raid; the team that arrives last at each evening’s checkpoint is eliminated as a competitor. This is not...
  16. Did you notice??

    nearly 2000 members on here now tell you what number 2000 has to buy us all a drink at the national:D:D:D if he does not show up,i'm sure someone on here could hack his bank account:D
  17. BMW Off-Road Course

    Hi All, The BMW Off-Road Course is one of only two courses I have attended over the years where no notes are taken, no death by Power Point, all demonstration by international quality training instructors who get it right first time. If you like, it is a two-day apprenticeship with the...
  18. I cant stand it any more

    I am sick of buying bike jackets which let in rain like a sieve. I bought my latest Rayven jkt a few weks ago and on my way down to Auvergne it rained and I got soaked starting with the sleeves. The last 3 jkts have also been crap. So now I will buy a cheapie jkt and just put on a wproof jkt...
  19. We went camping to the new forest

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well,sort of Cause when i booked the campsite there where only a few places left.So when we arrived on sat afternoon after a not so nice ride down and tried to book in we where asked"Where is your chemical toilet?" A bit surprized i turned around looked at my bike,tent on top and went something...
  20. Devon scrumpy induced a sex change

    There`s no other explanation for it. Partway through a night of drinking the Devon scrumpy that one of the UKGSers very kindly took to the Llangollywog meeting for me,a chemical reaction must have induced a sex change within me.......:downtown: Nothing I said made any sense I couldn`t...