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  1. drilling the baffles

    Dominator / FMX
    as any one drilled the baffles on there exhausts and if so there any side affects.and do they sound any better
  2. XR400 Steering Lock

    I'm about to have my XR frame powder coated and need to remove the steering lock barrel from the frame. I don't have the original key but do have a new lock to replace it with. Short of drilling the lock out, is there any way of removing the lock?
  3. Scottoiler and the NX Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I have just purchased a Scottoiler with the intension of installing it on my 1999 Dominator. I have not yet started the installation but have read the documentation. I see that I have to connect the unit up to a vacuum source. As I have not yet taken the tank off to actually see the carb can...
  4. Gordon's Mods - Improve your XR 250 or 400

    As the mods that Gordon did get referred to almost constantly for an XR I've copied them here for posterity and stickied them. The source was the XR400 Yahoo group. So let's use this thread for...
  5. Air Box

    Hi All Am reading a lot of stuff about drilling the air box on the TA, I do understand the possable benifits of this mod, but my quetion is, how many, where abouts, and what size?? A breif tech description would be good before the attack. I thank you.
  6. Exhausts

    Hi All, I was wondering if there's a way of releasing the slightest bit more noise and power from a Carbed Vara. I have heard of mods to the AT by cutting extra air holes in the air box, is there a known trick for the Vara? Second thing is I'd like a bit more noise and to de restrict the...
  7. 1995 Transalp: what screen options?

    Typo- thats 1995. I am planning my first long trip; and I need a new screen. I have a 1995 transalp; my main concern is reducing wind noise; any recommendations? I have to order online as I dont live in the Uk (any more). Or - is it easy to hack other brand screens onto a transalp with a bit...
  8. where/how to fit pannier mounting pucks

    Mechanical Advice
    I have some ali panniers to mount on my Varadero. They come complete with these puck/brackety things which from the photos on TT website are somewhat similar to theirs, but not identical. Advice needed on fitting as I am bit nervous about drilling holes in the wrong place (which I am very very...
  9. 1200GS Screen on 650TA

    On Sunday I was tidying the garage and a screen fell on my head (it had been stored in the roof since I sold my 1200GS). Fortunately it was bubble-wrapped but it got me thinking..........the screen on a 1200GS isn't particularly big but it offers good protection, and now the weather's getting...
  10. carb jet settings rd03

    Africa Twin
    as a matter of interest, i have been experimenting with jet sizes in my rd03 650. i acquired bobA's rd03, which has the filter box removed and a large k&n filter fitted. along with a racing exhaust, this upset the cv carb bigtime, resulting in a bike which wouldn't pull the skin off a rice...
  11. Geothermal power project trips

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Was looking through some old piccies a few days ago and thought it might be fun to post one of the rides I regularly do, when I need to get out of the house for a couple of hours. ;) Palinpinon # 1 & 2 geothermal power projects are about 12kms west of DumagueteCity, where I live in Negros...
  12. SOS XR Rebuild HELP PLEASE

    Bought my XR4 in 2004 brand new:cool: i'd put two grand down on the bike six weeks before it came into the uk, so I had a long wait to get him home and named him JAWS (coz I figured he was swimming across the sea to me), then the crate came in and it seemed forever for the shop to hand it over...
  13. Airbox mod - is it worth doing?

    I've read in a few places about a mod involving drilling a few holes in the airbox of a TA650 to allegedly help it breathe a little better. Has anyone done this and is it worthwhile? I've got to service my bike this weekend, so while it's all in bits I might give it a go. Any advice or...
  14. panniers...what ones?

    Africa Twin
    Thinking about what panniers to fit on the rd07.Might settle on the Zega ones...looking at their web site there is almost a 50 quid difference in the pre-assembled panniers.....anyone know if its worth getting them already made up.What is there to assemble anyway!I thought they were made from...
  15. The engine is missing a beat

    Hi all, After having a sub chop and drilling some (8x10mm) holes in the airbox lid i was worried about the bike running lean, a mechanic turned the pilot screws by 1/4 to richen up the bottom end, i'm not sure if this is coincidental but i decided to turn the screws back by half of what he...
  16. Front brake caliper pin removal

    Africa Twin
    Anybody got any good tips? The pin that holds the pads in is well and truly stuck. The hex shape is rounded out, I've tried getting another sixe up allen key in there, but to no avail. Also tried drilling a pilot hole and using a screw/bolt removal tool, but I just can't get the thing to...
  17. couple of queries!

    Other Bikes
    Ok, one; Triumph Tiger, been off road for winter, I run it for half an hour every month but this month there's a pool of coolant under the bike as it heats up. About two egg cup fulls, then nothing. The coolant is still above the min so topping up will resolve. I just wondered if there might be...
  18. Touratech TomTom GPS mount

    Mechanical Advice
    Well, it's finally happened :evil: As posted about on many other forums, my TomTom Rider mount has gone the way of everyone elses and has pretty much given up the ghost. Problem is it's all made of a fairly flexible plastic and as such it allows the RIDER to move about a wee bit when you go...
  19. Air Intake question

    Now rememeber guys that you will need to explain very slowly and clearly because I still don't really grasp the technical stuff. Use easy to understand words. Mr Mabel has mentioned something about drilling holes in Twinkletoes air intake to improve performance. now I am very dubious about...
  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, when they come.

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :santa: Just arrived in Yangon(Rangoon), Myanmar(Burma), will be offshore into the next few weeks/months. :cry: Catching the "red-eye special" tomorrow morning at 6am 8) (while you lot are loafing about in bed as usual!) Anyway...