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  1. Spaghetti covered Varadero

    Hmmmm, 8:30, Artillery Row, SW1, London; spotted black Varadero covered in spaghetti, dripping olive oil, stinking of garlic, and being ridden by a very foreign looking lunatic!!! Anyone we know on here, I wonder?!?! ;)
  2. oil leak

    Africa Twin
    I have a oil leak that seems to be dripping out of my engine breather pipe can any one help
  3. Petrol dripping off N/S fairing

    Africa Twin
    Hi all came back from a quick spin after filling petrol tank full and when I stopped after a 20 mile run there was a smell of petrol. I traced it to drips running off near side half fairing. Not had chance to look yet as it poured with rain all evening. As anyone else had a similar problem or an...