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  1. Day out with the DRs

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  2. Sold: Suzuki DR 350 SEW

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling the DR due to it being a rather nice unused garage ornament. Pity as its a fabulous little bike, I would love to keep it just to look at but lack of space and to be honest I would prefer to see it off and being used It is an R reg.... so Boboneleg once informed me the best of the...
  3. 2011 Calendar whinge......

    I'll cut to the chase. Who on earth chose the pics to be used in this years xrv calendar? Of all the pictures submitted, why are some bikes duplicated so many times? Of the 56 pics - no less that 9 of them are of the same RWB RD03s! Fancy seeing a Suzi DR in snow you get 5 pics, 3 pics of...
  4. Minsters to scrap hated L-test for bikers

    Road safety minister Mike Penning has sounded the death knell for the unpopular and widely criticised swerve test for learner bikers wanting to get a full licence. Announcing the results of the review of the test launched earlier this year he said a the altered driving exam would include "a new...
  5. Project: lowering drz

    G'day all! I'm after a bit of xrv wisdom concerning the lowering of my(wifes) 2006 drs400s. Looking at a 2'' lowered seat on ebay and hopefully that'll be enough. At 5'7'' she might just be able to tiptoe around. The preload has about an inch of adjustability. Thing is i dont want to muck...
  6. For Sale: SW Motech Pannier brackets Plus various freebies

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a spare set of the Quick release pannier frame brackets for the 650 Alp, a little bent they are well up to the job. Sensible Offers. 14 tooth Front Sprocket came off a Suzuki DR200 Djebel, may fit other DRs or bikes with a similar engine. Hardly used, good condition. Free...
  7. HID Conversions (again...?)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've been looking at HID kits over the last few weeks, my mate and me are looking to upgrade. I've read the other threads and looked at the links although some of the links didn't work. So..... I got some 50W H7s for the car from but when they...
  8. Varadero XL1000V Bits and Bobs For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    After the Vara being written off the other week I now have a few bits and bobs that I managed to salvage. There will be some other stuff to follow also. THESE ARE PARTS FROM A CARBED VARADERO, UNLESS SPECIFIED I DO NOT KNOW WHETHER THESE DO OR DO NOT FIT THE FI VARADERO. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN...