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  1. Wanted: Wanted: Gearshift drum,PN: 24300MV1010 RD07A

    XRV Swap Shop
    Hi All, If anyone has a spare/used good condition gearshifter drum for an RD07A, please drop me a line. Cheers Steve
  2. anyone done a drum to disc conversion using a kit to keep the drum wheel?.

    Dont want to loose my tubeless rear wheel. so looking at a conversion. anyone done this?.
  3. CT 125 poor neutral selection?

    Hi Guys , i bought a CT125 a while back but it is very hard to get into neutral? Is there an external detent plunger that works on the shift drum? Any ideas?
  4. rear wheel interchange 600cc drum brake?

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Can anyone tell me can all 600 drum rear wheels be swopped from bike to bike?. thanks
  5. Replacement swingarm

    I have a 1989 transalp xl600 with the drum brake on the rear, I would ideally like to upgrade to a disc brake however looking at firstly the availability and secondly the cost of a swingarm, wheel and caliper mount etc. I was wondering does anyone know of a straight swap out rear end from...
  6. xr400 front breake master cylinder conundrum????

    How the hell do i remove the clear plastic circle in the bottom of the master cylinder to check to see if my return hole is blocked??? Many thanks in advance Dave
  7. Smith & Allan engine oil

    Africa Twin
    Anyone had experience with using Smith & Allan oil in their (old) Africa Twin? Smith & Allan Motorcycle Oil 10w-40 Semi Synthetic | Buy oil, lubricants, greases and more from Smith and Allan Seems to meet all the right standards, etc., but at less than £3 per litre when delivered in a 20 litre...
  8. Electrex regulator for Transalp

    Has anybody else fitted one of these? If so, did you have problems? I have! The slots In the regulator did not allow the studs to pass through. Today I was near their factory so I popped in and one of the chaps there widened the slots. Tonight I go to fit it and the studs now go through the...
  9. gearshift drum

    My varadero has started jumping out of 2nd gear into neutral, does anyone know what this is or is it as i suspect, a worn drum/selector forks? If so does anyone know if you can get to it with engine in the bike, because the honda service manual quotes only 3hrs for the job
  10. For Sale: Mountain 125cc Teen ATV

    For Sale / Wanted
    Mountain 125cc Teen ATV SKU:ATV059 Automatic Transmission, 21"/20" Tires, Air cooled, Front Double A Swing Arm Suspension, Front Drum/Rear Disc Brakes, Rear Rack List price:$2299.00...
  11. convert dommie for classic scrambles

    Dominator / FMX
    your thought's before I get started I'm thinking of converting a dommie for local classic scrambles club races only stipulations are air cooled engine and drum brakes I can get a donor bike for about £500 but need to swap wheels and probably forks and swinging arm am I about to enter a world of...
  12. XR 250 FRONT END to XL500S

    Hi, does anyone know if a 1984/85 XR250R front end will fit straight on to a 1979 XL500S.....I am trying to convert my bike from drum to disc as i have had one too many heart stopping moments, can anyone tell me the distance between the xr250r axle to the top of the forks - the diameter of the...
  13. Your help needed

    Hi all I have just purchased what I think is a 1982 XR250 that I plan to restore, it has drum brakes front and rear I would like to change these to discs does anyone know if I can put a newer forks on to my existing yokes and also could I change the rear swing arm with one that has a disc break...
  14. xl250s an domi

    hi Guys,, im finding it difficult to get a hold of a 23" front fur ma xl250s... will a domi 21" front wheel fit straight on there. or would i nedd to change the hub. as ones a disc an the other a drum ???
  15. xr 125 brakes?

    hi guys i know this may be pointless but ive been wondering how eist it would be to convert my xr's rear brake from drum to disk? i know il need a new 17" wheel and a disk brake setup and stuff like that but what would be the best way of mounting it all if it could be done and what disk and...
  16. Wee ride to Tyndrum

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    So me and my old man rode up to Tyndrum at the weekend there to see the steam trains coming down the West Highland Line. We also met one of his colleagues up there, they both ride BMW 1150GSs. Just took a couple of snaps at our viewing point. Rode home via Loch Lomondside in horrendous...
  17. Noisy bearings.....

    Mechanical Advice the washing machine. ;) Just been on-line to order some new bearings and seals for the Zanussi. Wish me luck for when they arrive. :D PS anyone got a set of bearing pullers that I can borrow? PPS Why is modern stuff so damn awkward to mend. Apparently (after the ubiquitous...
  18. Wanted: back wheel drum type for 1990 transalp /diskbrake wheel/swinger off a domi

    For Sale / Wanted
    a domanator back end should do maybe even a good hub would do i could get my rim fitted to it thanks a lot .:thumbup:
  19. 1993 Xr200

    Hi all new to this site glad I found it! Can anyone help with some info on a 1993 xr200 imported to uk in 1999, according to all sites/info I have seen these bikes should have kick start and drum brakes on front, mine has electric start and discs on the front. No kickstart at all? Please help...
  20. Woohoo - nearly done!

    Africa Twin
    After my caliper conundrum I decided to refit the original calipers after a good clean etc. Braided hoses fitted, new rear pads fitted, everything greased and torqued up. Works a treat. All I need now is a front brake switch and then an MOT. Do I keep the spare calipers or sell?