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    Yamaha DT125 - to byla gleboka kaluza - YouTube
  2. Yamaha
    I have an old DT175 and I am just abou tto set the points gap but I cannot find any info on it . I have tdc but I need the specs of Gap and how many degrees or mm before tdc that I need to set it to , If anyone has the info i would gratefully appreciate it
  3. Yamaha
    Hi there, Please be gentle as I am a spanner monkey. Bike:- 2007 Yam DT125R, 4500 miles. History:- previous owner could not start it so under warranty yamaha checked it out and said it was poor compression so they renewed the cylinder and gaskets, piston and rings and crankshaft assembely...
  4. Other Bikes
    Hi, I know this is not a Honda but my other bike is an RD04 and i know you know a lot about bikes so can i pick your brains???. im currently in the states and have been riding around on a beautiful old 1974 two stroke Yamaha DT 175 (the girlfriend hates the smell of a 2 stroke but i think it...
1-4 of 4 Results