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  1. XR400 Exhaust Diffuser/baffle tube and Duct/Snorkel for airbox

    I'm trying to return my XR400 to standard specs. As it seems that many XR owners remove these items, I'm hoping that someone has a diffuser and snorkel for sale! If you do, please send me a message. Thanks.
  2. Bulb weirdness

    Dominator / FMX
    A curious thing, ladies and gentlemen... Yesterday I went to pick up my bike from a mate who had done a bit of welding for me (that's another story...) Before leaving his place I checked the lights were working. No tail / brake light. My mate said he had checked all was working after doing the...
  3. Making Carbon Fibre side panels for a naked RD08 dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm running a naked, tatty RD08 '99 Dominator and want to cover up the battery / air box. After weeks of faffing about with paper templates, corrugated cardboard, duct tape, mdf and car body filler. I've finally, almost finished making a pair of prototype side panels. The plan is to use these to...
  4. Personalizing the CRF

    Africa Twin
    Any one been fiddling yet I went out this morning for a run but froze so came back early and decided to adjust a few things. first was the throttle free play there's far too much for my liking the two demonstrators were the same that was an easy adjustment, the gear lever was a bit low another...
  5. Why remove the 'Resonator Tank'?

    Evening knowledgeable ones, can anyone explain what the benefits are of removing the resonator tank and fitting an early model snorkel (duct housing). I'm at a point with all the parts needed to do it or not.
  6. Phil's Dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    I know there's mixed opinion about chopping up 'perfectly good' bikes, and, in the process wrecking their real world usefulness. But, each to their own, I've had a lot of fun fettling this bike. Thought I'd share the result . . . This bike was a standard '99 NX650 with tatty bodywork and a few...
  7. Fuel petcock and tap

    How to.....
    Hi I want to replace the petcock and fuel tap on my AT. Previous owner repaired with a nail and some duct tape. Does anybody know whether another Honda model will fit an AT or is it best to buy an original part. They are quite expensive here in South Africa, but the tap is getting difficult...
  8. Peak District protest 25 Jan

    Got this from TRF: The location is: Peak District National Park Authority Head Office: Peak District National Park Authority
  9. Derbyshire South Yorks TRF -Anti TRO Protests

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Further protest days organised. See below. To all Derbyshire and South Yorkshire TRF Members Past and Present, As you are probably aware, 27 primary Byways in the Peak Park are under threat of closure by TROs and we, along with the 4x4 and other groups, are holding a series of peaceful...
  10. How not to park your GS

    just saw this on the GSer site a bit of duct tape should see him right :)
  11. Blasted frosty morning. How cold was it where you were?

    Well it was near enough -5 here in sunny surrey last night and this morning when I got the @ out of the garage and gave it some choke and prodded the starter she turned over albeit very slowly untill I heard the dreaded clicks from the starter solenoid. DOH!! Better phone work and explain the...
  12. Honda Assimo

    Funny as f**k just watching QI and ASSIMO just walked down steps and ran across the stage doesn't sound like much to us but its the only robot capable of doing so then it danced with JO Brand, i though it was clever as hell really. Iknow ASSIMO has done other things like conduct the Royal...
  13. Am I a dreadful old Fascist?

    This afternoon there was a very brief bit of chanting outside the High Court: it went "FREE DALE FARM!" and was linked to the auld woman who was trying to get a last minute suspension of the eviction notice which expires at midnight. The site is owned by travellers who have converted it into a...
  14. Project Frankenbike! (1998 xr250)

    Long time lurker, haven't posted much at all but...... Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Project Frankenbike! I hurt my arm a couple of months back and the xr was left in the garage as I couldn’t ride, it hasn’t been started since then so 416cc has generously offered some workshop...
  15. xl700 head rattle noise solved

    The rattle around the head is now gone. You know the grey/silver cover that sits on top of the black speedometer housing? I removed that, and then put cut-to-fit pieces of duct tape where the silver bit and the black bit touching. I put tape on both pieces Screwed it back together and no rattle...
  16. Sold: 2002 RD07 22K miles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    It's been a while since I have posted. Life has just been sooo busy, so I have been lurking for ages. Unfortunately, my first post is to put my AT up for sale. It's been a tough decision but the bottom line is that I only use it for commuting (no time to use it for "pleasure") and as I travel...
  17. WARM MUFF . . . keeps hands warm.

    What's it worth?
    This cold snap got me thinking about the MUFFS i made for the last welsh invasion. I am designing a mark 2 model so it seems sensible to let someone else have the benefit of my custom made bar muffs. They are a perfect fit over the standard hand guards so would fit the TA as well...
  18. Headlight Mesh RD07a and others

    Africa Twin
    I am well impressed. Just got a prototype Headlight Mesh off BobA and fitted it to my RD07a. They are meant for an earlier model but quite easily and neatly fit the RD07a A few screws and 2 bolts and off come the nose cone - pop this over the lights and undwer the rubber - back on with the...
  19. Surrey TRO - please write in and object before 27 Aug

    Great Roads/Routes
    Surrey TRO - please write in and object before *31 Jan 2011*UPDATED SEE BELOW Hi all Surrey County Council have proposed Traffic Regulation Orders on two byways in West Horsley, to completely ban motor vehicles including motorbikes. If these Orders are made we will never again be able to...
  20. It's road in Galloway forest park 14/15th August

    Austin's Adventures
    I will keep this post updated with the latest position and news - a single source of the truth about this event. Changes will be highlighted in italics and colour. Latest Edit 10/07/10 at 13.30 The Scottish forestry commission have just given me permission to lead a group of Adventure...