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  1. 94/96 Seat

    Africa Twin
    Yo dudes. Looking at buying a new seat for my 1994 RD07 and I would like to know if a seat from a 1996 AT would fit and be simply be a straight swap over. Initial search says the seat design was changed on the 96 AT but I don't know if that includes the fittings. Any seat based knowledge...
  2. RD04 - switch and 12v socket options

    Africa Twin
    My RD04 has a rocker switch for the heated grips and a 12v socket wired to the bike, my problem is; where to mount them? As the RD04 has no 'dash' to speak of where have you dudes mounted these extras? cheers, Bob.
  3. Wanted: Spark plug lead

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Dudes, I need an o/s rear spark plug lead for a 2002 Africa Twin, to beg,borrow or buy so that I can check if this is what's causing the bad running of my bike. cheers, Bob.
  4. Scottish trails

    Great Roads/Routes
    OK nice dudes in Scotland, where are the good trails? We are invading in June and have noticed on the maps stuff like 'The West Highland Way' nr Fort William and some military roads in the same area and also 'The Great Glen Way' nr Loch Ness. Can you legally ride these, is it a case of 'if...
  5. anodized an archery bow ,,,,,,, things of no relevance ,lol

    orange compound bow was scratched to death ,,,, now its orange wot ya think dudes ??
  6. clutch switch - RD07a - confirm my thoughts...............

    Africa Twin
    .............. That if the neutral lamp on the dash lights up between gears or when stood still - but only with the clutch lever pulled in that its the clutch switch under the lever............... Anyone stripped one to 'fix' it?.............. Cheeeeeers dudes.......... Bri
  7. Pragmasis: top security dudes

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Just bought an 'Anti-Pinch Pin' from Pragmasis to secure my VFR. Super-fast delivery (ordered Friday afternoon arrived Monday lunchtime), friendly and helpful on the phone. The pin goes through the rear axle; making an otherwise difficult to secure bike easy to chain to things. Hopefully...
  8. Good news dudes

    Good news dudes Well it is for me Went to the hospital yesterday, they cut my plaster off and x-rayed my wrist. The doctor says it is not broken or fractured but just a chipped bone. I am back at work today and aiming to ride a bike on Saturday Trail-riding will have to wait a bit...
  9. happy new year all you TA dudes

    happy new year guys hope our paths cross in the new year :D :D
  10. happy new year v dudes

    happy new year all you varado riders be safe maybe our paths will cross in 2006 :D :D