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  1. For Sale: Duel sport rack

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have just bought from America, a rack for my XR650R.Cost less than £80 inc mail and tax but it's first class.Contact for seller is NOMADIC-RACKS.COM Hope this is of some use to someone.Oh! they cost less for some bikes....Jim.
  2. their can be only one

    2008 kawasaki klr650 , big K stopped importing the klr 650 in 2002 into the UK , after they said their was no market for duel sport motorcycles in the UK , while the rest of the world got the bike we had to do without , well ive been luck and found this its the only 2008 in the UK
  3. Fuel pump question - sorry!

    Africa Twin
    I know the subject of fuel pumps has been done to death on this site but I do need to ask a question. Can an orginal Honda fulel pump be 'on it's way out' or do they just pack up and the bike stops? I had been out for a ride today, an hour over to mates riding quite hard round the back roads...
  4. White van driver isn't a biker!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    First time out with a new helmet camera and saddo that I am thought I would use it on the run in to work to test it out. Normally in Doncaster the white van drivers are potential bikers and shift over but sadly this one isn't going to cut it. Initially the duel carriageway is a 50mph and then...
  5. Transalp crusing

    Hi all, give me your views please. i have a 07 650 TA, in a couple of weeks i'm doing a run with some mates of about 650 miles mainly m/w and duel carageway's. i'm going with mates on a 750 suzuki 600 hornet, 850 h/d sportster and a 1200 h/d sportster, and they want cruse at 75-80 is this ok for...
  6. Top 10 Ugly bikes

    This chap has picked on duel purpose machines what’s the betting he's a R1 rider or something similar Top 100 Ugliest Motorcycles - 10 Hypermotards
  7. simply bike insurance

    well this company is great! very friendly and professional, they actully want to save you money rather then rip you off! they have done me a very good price for a duel bike policy and i am very pleased! by far cheaper then bennets, carol nash etc recommened by me, give them a go...... Simply...
  8. Mitas E-09 Dakar Rear Tyre

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi all anyone tried these be interested in your views and how long they last going to use them for duel sport riding thanks for any replies E-09 Dakar Rear Tyre
  9. Super Varadero 125V unrestricted

    After reading a thread in the Transalp section regarding down sizing to a Varadero 125V twin because of petrol price hikes I thought I would contact Mr Honda about introducing a Super Varadero 125 V twin in unrestricted format. This engine has a real bullet proof design and could be tuned easily...
  10. riding in the rain

    On my way to work this morning in the pouring rain the car in front of me in the left hand lane of an urban duel carriageway decided without indicating to drift into the right hand lane in front of me and then as I slowed down to about 25mph he decided that he wasn't going to carry straight on...
  11. The Almerian Adventure

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Still working on some of the piccies so will do this report in stages just to wet your appetite. For those that don't know we have just had a family holiday down in the South of Spain, but one with a bit of a difference because we took the bikes down, myself and Caitie M did some horse riding...
  12. Completed rebuild

    Hi all, id just like to have a little boast about my finished XR restoration (ok, so its only a 01 model maybe restoration is a bit strong) Heres what ive done; 77mm piston giving 277cc (WEISCO) Intake and exhaust ports smoothed and matched to manifolds, Stainless steel racing exhaust (CRD)...
  13. A ride over the Mendips and Exmoor

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It's strange how things can turn out, I really wanted to go out on my DR350 just for a couple of hours but it is not quite ready so as it was beautiful weather I decided to get the KTM out. The plan was to just pop out for a couple of hours then come back and help my wife sort some things out...
  14. Hello from the Sunshine Coast, Australia

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi there , name is Brent and have been reading this site for a couple of years and have gotten some good tips from all you other members. Have got a 2004 Transalp 650 which I brought new. Mods are K&N filter, Staintune pipe, Scotoiler and self built alloy bashplate. Will be dropping main jets...
  15. At last....extra lights!!!

    Some stage before last Xmas my mate and I went for a blast over to Stirling via the legendary straights. After buzzing the Castle and the Wallace Monument we set out home. The weather closed in as darkness descended and we retraced our steps along that open, exposed road in poor vis, driving...
  16. Test rides have begun

    OK, as promised, I have test ridden 2 bikes as potential Transalp replacements. I have been fairly open minded going in with the only criteria being that it needs to be able to cope with all year round commuting. I like the big trailie height so thought I would start there. First 2 bikes...
  17. first time tour

    Africa Twin
    Hi again, i'm planning on touring europe in sept on my 01at, heading through holland into germany down to the rhine valley then over to the black forest, before going over the alp's into verbania then onto montreux before heading up to luxembourg and back into holland. Anyway it's my first time...