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  1. XR400 which piston ring goes at the top?

    My shiny new piston and rings have arrived but which ring goes to the top? There is no edge profile to worry about but one ring clearly has a shiny edge and the other is dull. There is no marking to indicate which is the top either. So lets have a group guess shall we?????? Many thanks. Ben...
  2. Sold: Exhaust African Queens Dakar Racing 2

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, African Queens Muffler "TITAN" oval "Dakar Racing 2" for sale. African Queens Exhaust for HONDA Africa Twin and Transalp with Double Pipe Muffler. Reduction of weight compared with the original muffler - ca. 5 Kg. Extremely dull Sound. Dimension: 51 L x 10 B x 13 H cm -...
  3. made a new exhaust for the scrambler

    Dominator / FMX
    been keeping myself out of trouble by making a new pipe for the scrambler,quite pleased how it turned out http:// http:// http:// http:// still in bare metal but think im going to go for a dull chrome finish to make it look old :) one ive smoothed the welds down a bit edit 1 : why are my...
  4. Something to brighten a dull Saturday.

    I defy you not to laugh at this guys antics. Tigerman 2 - YouTube Andy.
  5. Exhaust Pipe Glowing on 650 Transalp

    G'day, Happy New Year to everybody. I have a 05 Transalp which I was riding home from town the other night (live on edge of town). 60 km/h about 4,000 rpm and my right leg was getting hot. Looked down & noticed the exhaust bend where it comes out of the rear cylinder had a dull glow. Bike...
  6. Electrical xr 250 r 1996

    Help. I'm due an mot but my bike has decided to not work. The problem I'm having is the horn sounds weak checked and only have a couple of volts and the tail light goes dull, the instrument panels din. So I guess there's a fault some where but not sure where to start. It seems intermittent. Some...
  7. TA's held in high regard ?

    I've always considered the Transalps to be a bit dull but their dependabilty makes up for it. I was quite surprised at the weekend when 3 different bikers I randomly met were all very complementary about the Transalp. One commented how sought after they were ???? and how they hold their value...
  8. Loch Ruthven

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Great weather, head a bit dull from the night before, excellent scenario for a wee bast in the hills :thumbup: Went up this wee bank from the " main road " Have to say, was a little bit greasy on the way down Anyways, a nice little bimble about 20 mins from the house. Just the job for...
  9. Dull / Smokey reflectors. Easy fix?

    Mechanical Advice
    Anyone knows what to do with head lamp reflectors that have become smokey? The previous owner of my reflectors must have touched the bulbs with their bare hands when changing bulbs, thus contaminating the reflectors, making them slightly "smokey". I know you can't polish them, but is there...
  10. Riding the clutch?? Bad for the bike? (Dull question!)

    Please note i have only just started to ride a motorbike ;) still getting used to smooth gear changes..... i understand the clutch on a bike is obviously different to a car! but how long should you ride the clutch for on a bike? as in when im at lights should i be dropping it down to 1st on...