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  1. Choke, for dummies

    Guys I have just landed in Germany and picked up my 01 alp. I have no idea which way the choke lever is for on and off. It seems to make no difference to the idle speed. I think off is away from the rider and on is pull towards the rider?? Given there is also a petrol smell when the bike is...
  2. My phone app

    After a few of you were crash-test dummies for my early phone app. I have made a lot of modifications and I think it is well worth having a go using it now. There were some gremlins with the download speed of the Android version (sorry to Ian Porter, who suffered the most) but I think that has...
  3. Fed up of not knowing how my bike works

    Ive always said I can ride motorbikes, and I can break them. But I cant fix them. Its about time I learnt more for when my many mishaps happen. So I want to buy and read a book (ideally would like to take a course...and may look into if there are any local ones). Any ideas of a good book eg a...
  4. iPhone4 and Apps

    Over the last month or so I've had a lot of crap going on, which has probably caused me to be on a bit of a downer. Anyway, I was one of the lucky/unlucky people that got their iPhone4 on launch day, and I'd just like to say that my iPhone and particularly the Apps have been a lovely getaway...
  5. Zumo 550 GPS Programming?

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to create on my laptop a file containing a set of 'Favourites' (50+) and download them into the Zumo 550. Is there a step-by-step guide or a Big Dummies Guide to do this? Many thanks in advance. Mark