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  1. speedo help

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all have dumped the rather large clocks that came with my transalp and am after a minature alternative I do keep seeing those small ones on ebay but they show 160mph cant imagine them reading right on a 21" front wheel.????????? Anyone know of a decent alternative THAT WILL READ RIGHT I cant...
  2. alternative clocks

    Anyone dumped there standeard clocks for a smaller set I.m ditching the fairing on mine?
  3. "black Ice" "black Ice"

    "Black Ice" "Black Ice" Carefull out there boys and girls. Might look lovely and tempting this morning but there is a lot of black ice about. Nearly dumped my Vara this morning on my way to work. Been comuting now for 5 weeks in much colder temps but never has it been like this.I seen 2 cars...
  4. council efficiency

    There's been a load of rubbish on the street from a house clearance opposite. People have been coming up and adding ever more rubbish to the pile. The skip has overflown and there were carpets and mattresses and hoovers and all sorts of junk spilled out onto the road and the pavement. It bugged...
  5. 509 miles for a pint of milk !!!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    ''I'M JUST POPPING OUT TO GET MILK'' I shouts. ''No worries'' she shouts back '' we're out for the day - see you about 4'' Ah hah. ''see you about 4'' !! Hmmmm. My youngest was invited to a friends birthday party - this would necessitate getting new shoes for the party, which we all know is a...
  6. HISS and my spare key - it won't work!

    So, rode back from salisbury the other week in the rain, and dumped the bike to go on holiday on my return. Got back yesterday and set to cleaning the bike. Reached for the spare key to start her up and it wouldn't fire at all. turn over but no ignition. I thought it must be damp plugs (after...
  7. Hello all

    Yet another addition to the Transalp fold. Have bought an 04 model with just 2500 miles on it. As the basics go I'm fairly impressed though am planning on making various alterations along the way. Would like to make my first point about tyres. I changed the rear to a standard Tourance...
  8. The [email protected] tried to steal my bike - AGAIN!!!

    Went to bed at 00:30 last night. About 01:45 something woke me up but I couldn't figure out what it was. The wife's not snoring, baby's not crying, there's a beeping noise which doesn't sound like the fire a... OMG my bike!! Jumped out of bed, looked out the window and saw that my bike was...
  9. LED Tail/brake light.

    Africa Twin
    Talking to an auto electrician lately about my charging problems and mentioned the lights drawing an excessive amount of power while in traffic.(Headlights, 2x55w +2x5w, Tail 5w/21w, instrument panel 5x5w). He suggested converting the tail light to an LED unit. Has anyone tried this? He...