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  1. Part porn

    Africa Twin
    Got some new parts for my rebuild just thought i'd share a few pics. Dunno if i've gone mad with powdercoating fever but it looks very bling.:toothy8::toothy8::toothy8::toothy8::toothy8:
  2. Does yours make noises between 3k-4k revs?

    I dunno if it's because I can now hear the engine since the screen mod, but my bike seems to 'howl' between 3-4000rpm. Seems to be drive train noise... At what revs is your bike happiest?
  3. Rear shock question

    Africa Twin
    If my rear suspension is "tired" - how much of that is due to the: Spring damper unit age wear and tear My point being is that I could get it rebuilt, fit a new spring, leave it (would it improve that much) or replace it. Basically it works. How well? Dunno.:blob8:
  4. Scotland trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The 5th day of our trip to Scotland. It started with me linking up with my brother at Cambridge last Friday. From there we continued up to Boston on the East coast. From Boston up to Ridsdale, 20 miles under the Scottish border. The man sitting next to us in the pub that night started...
  5. out & about

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    'twas me day off (from the kids) so thought i'd go for a ride. I did my usual thing & set off to ride one of the routes that i've done so many times before, but always with mates & therefore always so fast that i spend the whole time a) trying to stay upright & b) trying to keep up... also as...
  6. Look at my new AT

    Africa Twin
    After a long long long time looking I've finally found my self an AT. She's a 1999 with only 15,000 miles on the clock. She has been sitting in a garage for a year and a half unused. First thing I did was drain the tank and blow out the carbs. I didn't dismantle the carbs, I just took off...
  7. might change to a Vara!!!

    JUST thinking mind you. Dunno what it is - the time of year, money burning a hole my wallet, just itchy feet or what but I have an inkling to get a new bike. There's nothing wrong with my TA that a quick change of oil and plugs won't fix, but I seem to have an itch I just have to scratch.I...
  8. Thinking about changing my bike

    JUST thinking mind you.Dunno what it is - the time of year, money burning a hole my wallet, just itchy feet or what but I have an inkling to get a new bike. There's nothing wrong with my TA that a quick change of oil and plugs won't fix, but I seem to have an itch I just have to scratch.I think...
  9. Z's Long way round!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well as everyone on this forum loves LWR and LWD so much i thought i'd do my own version! My plan was to ride from My house in Manchester to meet a friend in Hebden Bridge, then ride to another friend's house in Haverfordwest and back up the welsh coast. 440 miles and two countries in two...
  10. where to go next - any bike

    Mechanical Advice
    Dunno where this should go so post it here, Found this interesting site of possible bikes ... Personally I am a bit hooked on getting a Tiger 955 injection
  11. XR250 ident

    Hiya! Newbie on this forum. Anyone point me in the right direction please? Have just bought an old XR250 - reg doc says manufactured 1986 - but as it's an import I would like to identify exctly which model - is it XR250R? XLR250? XL250R? dunno Frame number begins MD20...... Cheers, Bart
  12. A Stoppie, A daisy, and a dog called Lucky

    Since being moved to my new unit, the route I take into work is different from the route I take home. On the way home, I pass a blind right hander, on the top of a hill, narrow road, so on coming traffic will likely be in the centre of the road, or entirely on my side as has happened on...
  13. ticking sounds when taking off centre stand and when running at low rev

    Whenever I took my 650 TA off its centre stand (engine off), I can hear some ticking sound from the front end of the bike. The sound also appears when bike running at low gear. I am sure it is not from the engine. I have check all fasterners and they seem to be reasonably tight. So now I...
  14. Eco Friendly??

    Other Bikes
    Dunno about that, but I would sure love a go on one. I am pondering swapping the TA for a Varadero, but for trail use, this would be serious fun!! Have to be the "high speed" model though :)
  15. Nice Vid

    Dunno if this has been posted before but a good one, turn up the speakers and bass bin!!
  16. Oh my gawd...I`m going in the arena !!!

    Dunno if any of you guys and gals are going to Beaulieu this weekend,but I`m going on one of my Ural combos (probably going to be the posh 750 one) to help Mick from MPC Ural on his stand. Well,I thought that was all I was going to be doing..........until he said that I`m joining him in the...
  17. Happiest Biking Memory

    Dunno if this has been done before? but anyway here's mine. Has to be my trip around Australia way back in 1990. Just about to embark on another around Europe. If it's half as good I'll have a great time. Going a bit better prepared this time though :p Spot the Mullet :D
  18. Hello, I'm back.........

    ....... Not that I've been missed mind... Just thought I let you all know I'm still about and I had a milestone day today - took the Daughter out for the first time on the back of the AT and she loved it - so much so that all of her mates have plans to get permission for me to take them out as...
  19. Speedo drive

    Mechanical Advice
    The worm drive in the speedo gearbox had dropped down about 1mm over the years and as a result the gear teeth wouldnt mech. Result: broken plastic teeth on the drive gear,(sticky cable didnt help). New plastic drive gear didnt cure it and it was obvious the worm drive needed to be raised in the...
  20. dunno ?

    Africa Twin
    Had my @ for a couple of weeks now, and put around 500 miles on it, and I can't get rid of it's lumpy running under 3000 rpm, I had the choke apart sooooo many times, now I have disconneted to cable, put some short springs in and bolts, so i'm sure the plungers are all the way in. But still, I...