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  1. Dutch army arctic sleeping bags?

    Anyone ever used one or knows someone which has?I know they are big in pack size but that is not a worry as i am going solo. Just wondered if anyone has used them in earnest as in proper cold? Cheers Pete
  2. A rack & fuel carrier...from a couple of chairs...

    Bodgers Corner
    Mrs RodYork is still waiting for the valentines day present. Before I give it to her:eek:, I thought I would run it past you guys first...dutch courage & all that. If I dont come back to you, then send out a search party...the clues in the name...and i'm a libran who may have run out of lives!
  3. Dutch registered bikes

    For anyone out there from Holland/Netherlands, can you tell me how often a Dutch registered motorcycle needs to be inspected by the government? In the UK, this is the MOT I am talking about. In Spain, ITV, etc but I understand in some countries, motorcycles never need to be inspected. Any...
  4. Filtering. Here's why

    (Dutch article) Pic's bad enough, but it gets worse. Apparently they were pushed like that for 150m. Driver claims to not have seen them... Filtering. Here's why.
  5. killed my domie?

    Dominator / FMX
    yesterday i drove on het highway, 120-130km/h. when i came of my domie died at the trafficlights. i couldn't get het running again. when i opened the choke and tried it again the motor run but died under 4000 revs. trie pulling away above 4000 revs in the rain!... nice! when i got home i gave...
  6. New to XRV, New to me RD03

    Africa Twin
    I've been lurking while I shopped for an AT. I finally got my hands on a 1990 RD03. It's in pretty decent shape, fairings and panels are all in good shape (will need some paint) and I'm pretty sure one of the CDIs needs to be replaced. I've read through some of the awesome projects here...
  7. Dutch Guy says HI

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    HI I'm Abraham I have an AfricaTwin RD07 from '98 I modded it here 'n there. I got a stage 1 Dyno kit incl airbox mod. Which gave 7BHP extra and some 4 torque extra Also a stiffer saddle, stiffer suspension and raised handlebars, wider steering handlebars and those Acerbis protectors. As...
  8. Yet another Dutch @

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi my friends call me Turk because I'm part Turkish and some have problems pronouncing my real name.:D After my RD04 died,:sad10: I tried several different makes and models. They were all nice but not .... Finally, I came to my senses and returned home to old trusty @. I bought a 2000 RWB RD07...
  9. Dutch members

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone live near this store? The reason I ask is that they sell Rev'IT clothes and have an Off-track suit that will fit me (the UK is sold out of Dakar trousers!). They don't post to the UK. I would happily pay postage and any inconvenience to anyone who could...