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  1. XL
    I just thought this information might be useful to anyone who has bought or is thinking of buying an old Honda or whatever from France or elsewhere in the EU and registering it in the UK. There are two stages to this. One is satisfying HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) that you have paid...
  2. XL
    I bought XCW 411V Xl250 s new in 1979 its still going according to DVLA records , anyone on here know / own it today ? Be nice to know more .
  3. Chatter
    Right, Ive been offered what the bloke thinks is a Dominator, Reg. No. is A709 FPK, when I look it up on the DVLA Sit it says its a 600. Did they do any 600 Dommies or is it something else, help please. Its in a bit of a state with lots missing, but the price reflects this. Rick
  4. Chatter
    anyone know how to go about changing the colour of a bike on a V5? and does it cost any money?
  5. News
    A memo leaked to the civil service union PCS reveals the government is planning to close almost all local vehicle licensing offices in the UK, threatening around 1,500 jobs. Leaked memo exposes ideology behind government cuts - News centre - PCS
  6. Chatter
    Watch dog on bbc1 are covering this issue now with motorcycle entitlements being covered
  7. Chatter
    Had the forms sent to me a few weeks back about my 10 license renewal i am going to send it off in a few days. HAs anyone had problems with ANY groups being removed from there licenses when sent back to DVLA. I have scanned both sides of both parts of my license in case anything is removed
  8. Chatter
    Car cloning through the use of stolen blank registration documents, from the DVLA sometime in 2006 apparently, is not the fault of the DVLA. BBC News - Theft of DVLA log books fuels cars scam So, they were responsible for negligence, at the very least, in allowing the blank documents to be...
  9. Chatter
    I think that DVLA employees give other incompetents a bad name. I re-registered my AT in the Exeter office on 25th September, and although it took about an hour to be served (hmm, lets have one person working at lunchtime.....), it seemed to go fairly smoothly. My bike was first registered in...
1-9 of 9 Results