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  1. Wanted: Wanted RHS Mirror for RDo7a

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had a spare RHS mirror for an RD07a hanging around and want to sell? Had a bit of an incident and broke mine yesterday!! Cheers Andy
  2. Jellies meet up Sat 8th of june

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    How about a meet up at jellies on sat the 8th of june? Deb and I are on our way up to scotland. Hudders suggested maybe a meet up at jellies to break up the journey. Deb and I will get there probably around 3ish (once I had a look how far it is:iconbiggrin:) So anyone for a shandy?
  3. Happy Birthday Outrunner

    Happy birthday Andy, all the best from all of us :occasion1::occasion4::occasion5::occasion6::occasion7::occasion9::occasion4::occasion9::occasion4::occasion9::occasion4:
  4. Stow on the Wold bike meet?

    I was thinking of heading up to Stow on the wold this wednesday evening for a bike meet I have heard about. Has anyone been before, is it worth a trip up from Bristol? Any info happily recieved. Cheers Andy
  5. North Wales Caff?

    The "Gentlemen that do Lunch" would like a recommendation for a decent caff that's bike friendly somewhere in Northish Wales. Phil the Shandy and myself and hopefully others will be meeting for lunch and rideout tomorrow/Thursday, and are looking for a decent alternative to the Ponderosa...
  6. Guess what this is?

    Closest answer wins a shandy at next national.
  7. It's bad you know........

    I think this is a cool video, old bikes and a great tune from R L Burnside.........or maybe it's an age thing?:iconbiggrin: R.L.Burnside It's bad you know - YouTube Andy.
  8. Who would have thought...........

    Found this on another forum. Insurance Firm Casts Doubt Over BBC Claim | Fast Bikes Andy.
  9. Makes me laugh.

    In french, but the message is clear. :iconbiggrin: Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead on ! on Vimeo Andy.
  10. Respect

    XRV site support & help
    Please show a little respect and get that bl**dy advert of " my hardest post" by snaphappy. I'm bl**dy angered by the lack of respect by sticking an advert there:angry1::angry1::angry1:
  11. So you think you can hide?

    Not any more. :eek: - 1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS. World's highest resolution video surviellience platform by DARPA. Andy.
  12. Interesting truth.

    Lifted from another forum. Speed kills and it's your fault Andy.
  13. Coyote loses again!

    I just love that roadrunner. :iconbiggrin: A new Looney Toons animation. [VIDEO] Andy.
  14. Youtube video.

    XRV site support & help
    I have just tried to put up a couple of videos from youtube but all I am able to do is put in a link to them, am I doing something wrong? Clicking on the video link does not seem to work. Andy.
  15. Big boys and their big toys.

    Things have moved on a lot since I last flew them! Andy.
  16. Ultimate faith.

    Would you try this? Andy.
  17. Panniers

    Bodgers Corner
    Met a guy in Soho today. Andy from Lithuania, made his own pannier ! Second one is still being made. (He'll be joining up here to get some info on Morroco :thumbup:) iphone pics only,and I couldn't get them up the right waty ? sorry.
  18. Just wondering.....

    Mechanical Advice
    If anyone has any thoughts on using red brake grease for caliper slider pins, I have always used copper grease in the past but it seems to go all sticky after a while plus I have been told it is not good for the rubber sleeves. Any advice, comments, abuse etc? :icon_smile: Andy.
  19. WOW what a voice

    I had a spare few minuets and googled Alan Vendy to find out more about the guy and his accomplishments , well his son Scot can bloody sing , I mean big time. Google Scot Vendy and see and hear for yourself , his dad must of been well proud of him. [url=]Someone Like You...
  20. rip alan vendy

    hi this is alan son, scott. i know my dad was always on this forum and spoke to a few of you. dont no how many did but i thought it would be best to let you that alan past a way in his sleep last thurs/fri (27th / 28th dec) age 52. many thanks scott vendy