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  1. Just popping down the shop love. Honest!

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  2. MITAS E-08 feedback

    Africa Twin
    Well, I got the rear first and have to say it went on well, and fits nicely and grips well wet or dry. The front had been a bit problematic. There is a defect that shows up when the tyre turns on the right side (as you sit) there is a dip in the tyre. I took it off and it appeared to buckled...
  3. Just fitted the rear Mitas E-08

    Africa Twin
    Not run it yet but it is a 140/80/17 and fitted to a 3.5" rim. By looks it appears to be a rather low profile, or at least lower than the conti escape that came off. I suspect that it was intended for a 3" rim but it went on easily enough, but with decent strength in the side wall etc. Looks...
  4. Mitas E-08 tyres any good?

    Africa Twin
    Anybody had any experience of them - gonna order a set from