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  1. The secret of life,,,,

    Well, what is it you say? Simples says I! Contentment. Being content with your lot is the answer. :D Friday night, finished work for the week, Fiona's here with me in the flat, cozy. I'm sitting having a cup of coffee with a slice of buttered wholemeal toast covered with smoked salmon...
  2. Let the taxing begin

    Now that Gordon Brown has handed the banks direct access to our earnings with his fat cat bailout he needs to start taxing us more and this will help
  3. Can't afford my F800GS

    For Sale / Wanted
    Some of you on this forum may know that I was involved in a nasty accident late last year and I have been unable to work since. I ordered a F800GS before my bank balance went severly into the red. Since then I have had to sell many of my possesions including my car and yes this week that amazing...