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  1. in-helmet headphones/earphones illegal?

    entering the valencia motogp campsite last month, a bike traffic cop gestured that i should remove my earphones( wires coming out under the helmet). i stopped and asked him why and he said its illegal (in spain). i had it for mp3 and sat-nav. is it the same in the uk? does that mean ear-plugs...
  2. CX500

    Other Honda
    Last day of 2012. Some 20 hours left. Listening to >Short Change Hero< by The Heavy in the earphones. Need something to work on next year. I have a hate/love affair with Airheads, but I'm helping me mate with his two next spring so I'm probably having my full dose of "Germans Finest". So, if...
  3. Anyone have any experience of these?

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Also anyone know of a uk distributer Fuze Custom Earphones Headphones | Easy & Affordable Custom Fit Earphones in 15 Minutes
  4. For Sale: Autocom Pro-7-Sport

    For Sale / Wanted
    My other Autoccom unit NOT redy to be wired in,i used to run it off a 9V Batterie comes with 2 leads One is a connection lead for a Zumo Satnav and the other is a flexi lead where you can plug your own earphones in Looking for £75 +P&P
  5. Music Player??

    Firstly, i am not a techno need music on my bike for the ride to the Stella in june.;) I used to have an old ipod and an Autocom set up, but the ipod was about the size of a fag packet and has long since bit the dust. I still have the Autocom system tho. What i need is...
  6. I just made some custom fitted earplugs with earphone for music!! too!!

    Bodgers Corner
    Cost me £1 for the earphones (the pound shop) and £25 for the silicone rubber from Hobbycraft, and I've got LOADS more siloncone rubber left, enough to make another 10 sets easily! See if the lads at work want me to make them some too. Saved myself a fortune, they fit nice and snug, sound...
  7. Digital Devices

    I Say Chums ... Check this lot out. I think I want one of these !
  8. £2.99 microphone for satnav

    Bodgers Corner
    I just bought one of these whilst in the local post office shop. Only £2.99. By strapping the microphone to the back of my satnav and plugging in my earphones, I can now hear the instructions rather that just see the map. I'm dead...
  9. Waterproof SatNav cover

    Mechanical Advice
    Has anyone seen or used these waterproof satnav covers on a bike. Buy Cheap Sat Nav Garmin TomTom Navman Car Entertainment & Audio - Reviews UK Buy Cheap Sat Nav Garmin TomTom Navman Snooper offers Make any cheap satnav waterproof , save on buying a premium waterproof unit ! This 100%...
  10. Waterproof ipod case

    Mechanical Advice
    Right at the request of aforementioned here's my new ipod case. I hunted around the internet for a suitable case that would be dry and operatable whilst wearing gloves. I looked at the otterbox as probably the only solution but found i had trouble with scrolling wearing gloves. I could skip...
  11. Sounds on the move

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Well with Longest Day getting closer, I am not sure what to do. I will need sounds in my ears for such a long time in the saddle but cant quite decide what I need. I have an Ipod but its the first gen Nano and only holds charge for 4 hours. If I get auto com pro avi does it charge it? I could...
  12. My ears are alight

    Mechanical Advice
    Here's a silly tale - Don't try this at home kids.... I wanted to use a simple set of earphones on my autocom, just so that I could listen to the voice on my PDA/Tomtom, without all the cables that go with a 'proper' Autocom installation.. So I made up a little cable with a DIN plug on one end...
  13. Headphone issue resolved

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Having recently hardwired my Autocom to the @ and fittted the headset inside my lid - I was having serious issues with the supplied earphones :( I have a Shoei XR1000 which is a pretty snug fit (I like it that way) and after about 20 miles the headphones were starting to hurt my ears - not...
  14. Wot's a good helmut for Autocom ?

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Might sound like a silly question, but when you install the Autocom it's important to get the earphones directly over your ears inside the helmet. My current helmet is an AGV, and the strap goes right over yer ears, so it's plop and you just can't hear who can recommend a helmet...
  15. Think I've just given mesel whiplash...

    R1 is good, just need some batteries and I'll be able to listen to it on the bike too. Get odd looks at work when listening to in on earphones and then laughing though. :(