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  1. Engine Bars

    Morning everyone, got my eye on some HEED engine bars. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of these, quality, ease of fitting etc. Thanks. :)
  2. Lights

    Africa Twin
    Might consider some additional running lights on the AT - like LED / spot lamp type thingies What have you got, what do they look like, how much, ease of fitment etc?
  3. Honda CRF250L - first impressions

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi all, Yesterday I had a chance to try out the CRF250L and i was waiting to see how it fares compared to my XR400. First comment is: I am impressed!!! Yes its not as powerfull as the XR, but it handled the very wet lanes with ease. On road handling is fine and the tyres work ok. 6 speed box is...
  4. aaargh- what to do

    Hi all, that bike swapping time again, had it all but sorted then spotted something on a last minute peek on Biketrader Do I buy my mates K100RS with 45K and FSH or for the same money(£1k) get a Super Tenere with 25k on the clock, both similar age (H) and good condition. Both will do the job...
  5. Porn for Kjell

    just to tease the others how about this for a new look on an old GS "quite like it meself"
  6. Yet another GS . . . .

    Well, thats all 3 males in Clan Thomas now with a BMW GS at their disposal! Me with my F800GS, eldest with a 1150GS, and now youngest will have one to play with. Recently collected a 2003 F650GS Dakar that youngest son is going to use, once I've finally given it a good seeing too. Took it for...
  7. Honda to enter factory team in 2013 Dakar

    Honda has announced its intention to participate as a works team in the motorcycle class of the Dakar Rally to be held in January 2013 in South America, travelling north to south through Peru, Chile and Argentina. Honda competed nine times in the motorcycle class in the forerunner of the...
  8. whether or not to ride in the weather

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    one of my rare days off without the kids yesterday. so it was raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock... well i'm gonna ride anyway. No pics cos it was too wet to get me thingy out (?!) but this was my ride back from Dijon. It's been years since I rode in the rain, I mean real rain. These...
  9. what bike today beats the NX as an all rounder and weighs the same or less?

    Dominator / FMX
    Have ridden a few bikes recently and come to the conclusion that for real world biking without a passenger and without need for excess speed my dommie is a really great steed . For me ., simplicity , ease of maintenance , weight and the ability to cover different terrain is far more useful...
  10. Advice on bending steel exhaust tube please.

    Bodgers Corner
    I've got a 1.5 metre length of 1.5 mm wall, 35 mm outside diameter tube to make a new link pipe for my XT250's exhaust. The finished link pipe will only be about approximately 14" long and it needs a shallow bend, approximately 10 degrees, approximately in the middle. As you can tell, there's...
  11. Sidi Adventure Boots 10 months on

    Just thought I would share this Ok an update on the Sidi Adventure Boot Got mine from Santa last Xmas. They have been worn daily for commuting and also for the offroad sessions I have done. 10/10 for comfort and ease of putting on and taking off with the buckles. 10/10 for warmth through...
  12. The Big Varaderro

    Hi All, I realise i may be asking the already converted, but can people give me a good honest opinion on the varaderro 1000? i.e. running costs, relaibility, ease of working on them. i'm more interested in the carb version than the fi, just like tatting. how do they handle? do they really...
  13. Tiger 800xc test ride

    Test Ride Reports
    A good friend recently traded his (55 reg) 650 Alp for a Tigger. Tonight, I took it out for a spin ;-) ...... 1st impressions; the engine is sweet & soooo smooth with nice, strong linear performance from pretty much tickover. Once up to speed you notice how poor the standard screen is with...
  14. MK3 Pivotpegz

    Product Reviews
    I ordered a set of these from Adventure Spec..very good service and prompt delivery too ;-) Anyway, they're very well finished, and instructions are fairly straightforward. The only thing they didn't mention was that you'll still need the original springs, that allow the pegs to fold. I'd...
  15. Opinion needed for RD07A center stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I'd like to receive opinions of RD07A users of center stands. What I rank most in a center stand: - effectively standing the bike - robustness - ease of operation - price SW Motech dealer in Portugal asked me 163EUR for ref. HPS.01.023.100 :mad: Your help will be much appreciated...
  16. Whealie and Sean take turns trying to kill me for 10 and a quarter hours

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The plan was to meet Whealie at the Ace for 11am (everybody else's 11 not mine) and then ride to meet Sean in Silvertown. I lubed the chain and set off on the short ride to the Ace. Well I didn't know that there was an idiotic car driver rally on near mine. After being cut up by Nissan Micras...
  17. XL600LMF front disc

    Front disc is looking like a vintage 12" vinyl of Blue Monday ;) Do I have to stick to a 'disc for a LMF' or will a disc from similar model fit (XR, Dommie,etc)? Doing this from an ease of availability point of view. Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions
  18. Grief fitting Tourance

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Okay, I gave up fitting my own tyres 30 years ago after buggering up an inner tube. So, as I'm off again to rural Portugal and I've been playing the Ostrich on my recent European trips, I decided to bite the bullet; actually I think I was shot with it! Picked up a new tyre and what an absolute...
  19. For Sale: AT rear wheel, new, fully reconditioned.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having finished the project I'm now sorting out what's spare and available to a discerning member, this is a new alloy 3.5/17 black anodised rim laced with heavy gauge stainless steel spokes to an original Honda AT hub which has been fully refurbished and powder coated satin black with a...
  20. dommie electrical fault finally located but a little help needed please.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. I have had a few problems with the dommie and they all seem to have been resolved by searching this forum for help but now the time has come to ask a question as I can't find this through searching. I have had an on-going electrical fault on my 93 dommie which means it goes for a while...