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  1. XR400 Standard Indicator Relay

    Hi all, just joined here, need some help. Partners son has an xr400 that needs to get through an MOT. It has standard indicators with bulbs not LED ones and we are after locating a relay to get these working. For the life of us we can not locate one, can import one from Australia of all places...
  2. Getting a 700 onto the mainstand!!!!!!

    I’ve had a number of bikes, big, small etc and I’ve never had a bike as hard to put on the main stand as the 700. ive strained my shoulder. strained my foot. Airhead Beamers, heavier bikes... easier. sports bikes with main stands.... easier. 650 Trannie..... don’t remember this being hard...
  3. fuel tap lever

    Africa Twin
    i have lost fuel tap lever. new one is 15 plus delivery. does any one have other alternative? I have read that someone made a tube connection to handelbar so can be easier switched when needed.. thanks
  4. Are all XR400 engines the same?

    XR Technical Specs
    Hi. Having had the piston disintegrate into the engine on my 2004 XR400 I am now looking at a fairly major rebuild. I am ok with that but I was wondering if all the XR400 engines are the same? It certainly would make finding all the parts easier. At this time I need a new barrel, 4 valves...
  5. Lowering seat hieght

    I know that parts are difficult but I am seeking advice on lowering the seat height on my 2004 trans alp 650 anyone have or know where there might by suspension lowering kits or low seat. What is the thoughts on softening the preload on the rear shock and lowering the forks a bit I have a...
  6. recommended crack repairs/fairing

    Africa Twin
    Lots of researching and can't figure out what would be best for crack repairs. Front fairing on my 97 xrv has 2 cracks leading down from windscreen. 1 crack dead ends into bolt hole from top 1/2inch long, the other opposite side from top down for about 2 inches. Never done repairs on this stuff...
  7. 04 Transalp frame VS PDO6 frame

    Hi all i was wondering if the 2 above frames are the same.... I have the chance to get my hands on a complete and fully functional 2004 TA with a damaged frame(statutory write-off) and i have a frame from a 87 XL600V. I originally wanted to transplant my RDO7 Africa twin into the XL frame but...
  8. any easier way for those hoses?

    hi there i am a new biker and also new to maintenance i followed haynes and managed to change oil, oil and air filter, and spark plugs had to remove fairing and fuel tank of course now i am on my way to putting it back together and managed to put the fuel tank on and it starts up!!!! no leaks...
  9. Short Term Insurance polict for AT in Europe?

    Hey folks, It's been quite a while since I have posted on here. Moved to Australia from Ireland. Anyway, I'm planning a European adventure on my AT from Ireland through Europe next year and I was wondering whether you guys are know of any Short Term Policy that I could avail of while traveling...
  10. Gunson Colortune

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone used one of these with any success? I'd like to set my @ and CBR1000F as close to perfect as possible. I thought this might be easier than the turn it a bit and listen for the rise and fall, especially on the 4 cylinder jobbie
  11. Replacing airbox

    Dominator / FMX
    The airbox on my RD08 Dommie is holed / cracked, has been since before I got it AFAIK. The hole is currently patched with gaffer tape, which I just replace from time to time when it gets knackered from road-spray. I did get a replacement airbox on eBay, with a view to swapping them one day...
  12. Colour options

    Hi everyone Hopefully someone can help. I have just bought a 2001 650v with a damaged fairing The bike is blue, is it the same colour through the years or did it change ? Are all the farings the same or are their differences It might just be easier to replace the panels rarther than repair...
  13. The "What I bought today" thread

    Africa Twin
    Searched but didn't find any thread about this, sure there is the "Product Reviews" but.. well it's easier to tell what you bought than to do a review :blob8: Rules? Not really, if you bought the product today, last week, month or year doesn't really matters. Sure, it's an advantage if you...
  14. Valve check

    I'm wondering how difficult it is to check the valves on a 2008 Varadero xl1000. Since it is a 90*, does it make it any easier to gain access? Any tips/tricks?
  15. Split-Link or riveted?

    Dominator / FMX
    Would you trust your life to a split-linked drive chain? They're easier, but are they safe?
  16. Heavy Duties centre stand

    Africa Twin
    I've spent a couple of hours fitting a Heavy Duties centre stand this afternoon. Just thought I'd post a recommendation for anyone looking to fit one. It came a week after ordering, fitted perfectly (no need to remove the exhaust) and will make maintaining the bike so much easier. Definately one...
  17. Ass hurts like hell!!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys I'm really enjoying riding my twin been in all sorts of terrain but after an hour on the stock chair my ass feels like its about to explode. How can I make the long rides on the saddle easier on my ass? P.s I dont have money to buy a corbins aftermarket one. What material can I use...
  18. Foam sock around the stock air filter for an RD03

    Africa Twin
    I will be riding dust for 3 weeks. Morocco and Tunisia. I wish to fit a foam sock over the stock paper filter. It is easier to clean a foam sock every other day than a filter ;-) Anyone has a source for such foam sock or am I the only dumbass to do that? :D Lee
  19. Front fairing subframe??

    Africa Twin
    Can any of you please tell me if an RD front subframe will work on my 1993 RD07?? If so does anyone have one for sale?? If you could email me it would be easier for me. [email protected]
  20. How to remove air filter housing???

    Africa Twin
    Number 2 on picture Does the swingarm need to come off first or is there an easier way?