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  1. BA20D (Non-H4) HID Conversion Kit with Electrical Ballasts

    Africa Twin
    XRV Forum Members: Hello and happy holidays! I am writing to learn of the availability of a HID conversion kit for my 1991 Italian XRV750 RD04 with BA20D bulbs or lamps. The current bulb is stamped with HERT4 12V35/35W. Since the American websites for Amazon, ebay and Google, do not...
  2. Wire size for mosfet battery side

    Africa Twin
    Last time I fitted a mosfet I got wiring kit from eastern beaver and with handling fees cost nearly fifty quid. This time I have ordered the fittings from uk but I need some advice on the battery to mosfet wiring size, this is what I was going to buy but would like someone with more knowledge to...
  3. CRF1000L - DIY Auxiliary Fuse Box

    Africa Twin
    If you've had a look at restricted access to the CRF1000L battery you may have come to the conclusion that wiring up your bike electrical accessories requires install of an auxiliary fuse box. I chose to put one under the pillion seat. Total cost about £25. I considered options (Eastern Beaver...
  4. Pannier racks and crash bars for 600?

    Hi folks...first post on here, it's probably been done to death so apologies in advance: As a first-time TA owner, I'm after some crash bars and pannier racks (plus panniers eventually) I've seen the usual suspects on Ebay, (Givi, Heed, Hepco & Becker, SW motech) and a couple of eastern...
  5. Main Fuse Connector

    Africa Twin
    Today I finally got round to fitting a distribution block to the AT to power the accessories on the bike. I have a voltmeter on the dash which was wired into the light circuit by a shop a few years back. Problem was, it always read about 11.5 Volts at tickover when the headlights were on. So...
  6. How much extra power output

    Africa Twin
    Is there much extra power on an RD03 for lights etc? May be selling my concours c14 and would like to hookup the led driving lights it has on it to the AT. Also would like a couple accessories outlets . I have an eastern beaver fuse box setup I would run everything through. Thanks
  7. Eastern Beaver alternatives

    Africa Twin
    Is there much in the way of alternatives for the Eastern Beaver fuse box solutions and H4 relay kits out there??
  8. CZ & SK

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A couple of pics from 2 quick tours of the Czech Republic(or at least the bit nearest us!) and a bit of Slovakia. I was actually searching for old eastern bloc aircraft, so not many scenic pics:toothy9: I won't bore you with pics of rotting MiGs etc ;-) Housing block in Dubnica(SK) Ostbloc...
  9. Mosfet Reg question

    Africa Twin
    Hi Just got myself the Mosfet upgrade from the states and harness from Eastern Beaver, question is the connection to the alternator with the three yellow wires has a white plastic connector similar to the original, is it worthwhile me bypassing this and just hardwiring the connection ? Thanks...
  10. Transalp CDI

    What's it worth?
    Now I've decided to sell my trusty TA600 I can dispose of the spares I kept "just in case". I have a Honda CDI unit from a 1994 XL600VR used but working fine- the only ones listed on ebay are pattern parts or genuine ones from eastern Europe at what seems like a horrendous price! What is one...
  11. Swapped over today.

    My friend has just traded his Hornet in for a Tenere XT 660 with all the luggage and goodies on as hes taking 3 months off work to do an Eastern euro tour.What can I say we swapped over bikes for about twenty miles and I was really impressed with the Yam,not vibey at all and really comfortable...
  12. Rectifier Upgrade Question

    Africa Twin
    I am finally getting around to upgrading the rectifier on my AT. I chose an FH008BA off of a CBR600 because it fits (it's actually thinner than the stock one) and it looks like the wiring is the same (two red, two green and three yellow). I've seen the offerings from Jim at Eastern Beaver...
  13. mosfet R/Rs, just a bit of info. Good read.

    Mechanical Advice Kawasaki ZX-6R 2007-> Cut-n-splice... Either solder, or get both connectors from eastern beaver... ZX-10 2004-> ZX14 2006-> Concours 2008-> Both MOSFET and non-MOSFET available, beware! (And the...
  14. Wanted: Metripack 280 female terminals 14-12 AWG for MOSFET Rec/Reg

    For Sale / Wanted
    Whilst trying to fit my new MOSFET Rec/Reg in a hurry before leaving for the National I was a little (well a lot) generous with the solder. So much so that I have buggered up the three female connectors that you fit to the yellow wires. I have one spare but need another two, does anyone have any...
  15. Looking to purchase my first TransAlp 700. After some advice

    Hi all. I'm from Coventry in the UK but have been travelling to Ukraine over the past few years as I am a photographer. I already own a VFR1200 which is a fantastic touring bike but would not cope with the poor roads in Eastern Europe. I want to keep the VFR and am considering a TransAlp 700...
  16. On my way down to the Stella...

    Hi all, I'm going to be riding this year's Stella Alpina Rally and then meet up with a few friends and do some exploration of Italy. I plan to camp on the way down and take in as many mountain passes/scenic routes as possible. The route will be a bit of a long way round as I'd like to do as...
  17. Britannia here we come :-) Advice welcome!

    Cheers everyone, having travelled through Eastern Europe last year, we have on rather short notice kicked the idea to ride to Turkey because it will be too hot for the kids riding pillion (we had 40 degrees in Romania last year already). So it´s Britannia this year, three weeks from around 15...
  18. Adriatic

    Has anyone toured the eastern Adriatic coast? I'm thinking of taking the Bari-Durres ferry, and then touring up the coast through Dubrovnik and Split. Has anyone been there and done that, and is the t-shirt worth getting? Iain
  19. TA goes to Mt.Etna

    The TA and us, Saturday morning posing on the eastern section of the Mt.Etna ring-road.
  20. what makes britain great !!!!

    Well i have been for some weeks now delivering stone to make roads on solar parks that are being constructed in our area, Solar Panels = Made in China solar panels = delivered by Hungarians , poles , etc etc, jobs being done by Spanish and german companies so spanish and german site agents...