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  1. Rear rim question

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi all, not often I ask for advice! I've a rear hub issue, the bearing eating into the hub, so needs to be replaced. So, to the question, I've been quoted for a 3" rim? Specifically asked for a 3.5" but they've quoted for a 3" and put in brackets "not 3.5" What's the deal with that? The RD04's...
  2. Life is so unfair

    I've not had cream cakes for ages but as Mrs H had bought some I'd been looking forward to eating one all day and when I eventually got round to taking it out the fridge to eat it I dropped it and it ended up on the floor Not to worry there was another sealed and unopened box. That also came...
  3. Caroline Quinten talks shi*e

    Just watching Cornwall with the dopey cow, she just said you can buy a Cornish Pasty anywhere in the world while eating a pasty, which is an issue as the cornish recipe died years ago and i don't know of any bakery that does use the "proper" Cornish recipe. Anybody who's true Cornish knows that...
  4. Horse meat - whats the fuss all about ??

    I personally would have no issue eating horse meat - it's just another quadraped herbivore like cows, sheep, pigs, and deer all of which I already consume in vast quantities. As long as it's labeled as horse meat , subject to the same controls as other meat ie not an ex racehorse pumped full of...
  5. Merry Xmas from sunny Bagan!

    Seasons' greetings from sunny Myanmar :thumbright: I'm writing this whilst eating my cornflakes on my garden terrace wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and having already finished my christmas balloon flight over the temples of Bagan:lol: I must admit I'd quite like xmas at home in the snow with...
  6. SMIDSY I was eating, reading and computing with my feet up

    What hope have we got? BBC News - Suffolk lorry drivers caught eating and using computers
  7. More than just Slow-mo

    National Meets
    Of course it goes without saying that as well as the slow-mo there were other competitive events. And the winners in each class were as follows High Jump: Hudders Modern Dance : Whealie Reliability Award: KTM Minimal Camping: Mudwiz Puffing up Chest award (Men): Outrunner Pie...
  8. Camerons on Holiday again

    Well there daughter is Cornish born, they seem to like it down here and enjoy themselves as Margaret Thatcher did when she owned a home in Newquay. For some reason there is a drama over them eating muscles, god knows why.. they can't do wrong for doing right Camerons arrive in Polzeath for...
  9. Happy Birthday to Mike & Jason

    Happy Birthday Mike & Jason, "The Youths of Today !" hope you have a fab day eating cake & jelly & ice cream. Nice one
  10. Rear Hub...

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, just come back from the MOT and.... again the rear wheel bearings need to be changed... the hub race is too loose and is literally eating the bearings out once they are fiitted...:( they do not last more than 1000miles.. any suggestion before looking for a new hub? planning a trip to...
  11. near year and still going

    well there still going i have stop eating now
  12. Bike power.

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Has anyone powered the Autocom Easy 7 advance unit from the bike? I was looking on the Autocom site but all the stuff seems to be for newer models. Pehaps if I give them a call they might come up with something to stop it from eating batteries as I listen to music most of the time. Andy.
  13. In Marrakech also eating chips.

    Been attacked by skinheads, bitten by moggies and have nearly caused the deaths of at least one Frenchman, 3 Spaniards and so far five Moroccans by running them over in the van but **** me i'm a days drive from the Sahara were the xr's getting unloaded and no doubt sending myself over the...
  14. Alien caliper eating monster

    Africa Twin
    Ive just spent the weekend servicing my brakes to find that all the pistons were a bit tight, well seized actually, but worst of all is that part of one of the calipers has corroded so much around the edge of the piston that the first seal is partly visible (bearing in mind the first seal is...