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  1. Pidcock Motorcycles Ltd, Long Eaton

    Anyone with any experience of this BMW dealership please? Good or bad :-) Can you drop me a PM please.
  2. Be careful out there

    Drove past this last night and thought it looked bad :( A motorcyclist has been killed in a crash which closed part of a major road in Derby. The vehicle left the A38 near the Little Eaton roundabout and hit a road sign shortly after 19:20 BST on Monday. Debris was scattered on the...
  3. To the workshop !

    Regional Meets
    Well the outfit has been in a West End car park for the last ten weeks with the fuel pump shot. The Dommies are in the workshop and haven't run this year. I've been tied up with other stuff. So tomorrow I'm of to my workshop ! The plan ? Get a bike running to bring back to London ( a small...
  4. Morag gets taken out for a PROPER ride...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last time I reported, Morag the shiny blue F650GS had been dropped rather ungraciously by her new owner. :rolleyes: This had caused me to undergo something of a crisis in confidence, despite the encouraging remarks from so many on here and I wasn't entirely looking forward to getting back in the...
  5. Transalp seat heights

    Apologies if this question has been asked before, in which case please point me to relevant thread. I have a friend who is keen to migrate to a Transalp, having sat on one (2001 model?) at The Bike shop, Long Eaton, Nottingham. At that point he wasn't in a position to snap it up, but was very...
  6. In which Nessie goes to the races - and rescues a Fireblade

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Time for a catch up on Nessie’s Bank Holiday adventures (and there were some!). :cool: To my eternal shame after her sterling performance of late, it has been at the back of my mind to (shhhh) trade her in for a larger engine model on which to (‘shhhh’ mode off) practice for and take my test...
  7. The Unique Pub Crawl - Iron Butt UK

    Competitions / Trials
    BBL2009 The Unique Pub Crawl On Saturday last, I took part in The Iron Butt UK Motorcycle Riders first Brit Butt Light 12 hour motorcycle orienteering pub crawl event over 40 possible controls across England with one pub in Wales. The general idea is to visit as many pubs (controls) as...
  8. I hate bikes!

    As those of you who were at Jelly's will know I had some electrical problems with my bike over the weekend. I hate electricity, if you have a fuel/oil/coolant leak you can see it, if something is broken you can see, it but electricity moves around your bike under the cover of a multi-coloured...
  9. Weekend meet/camp cheshire

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Would anyone be interested in a weekend meet camping in cheshire? this is the place i use quite regular for weekends in my caravan or camper. The Red Lion Eaton Lane Eaton Tarporley Cheshire CW6 9AG really good little campsite in the heart of cheshire,some great country lanes,and very handy...
  10. Twister In Nuneaton.

    Or Was It Oxbone Going A Bit Too Fast.:d :d :d Hows Your House? Still Got A Roof I Hope