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    Hi all. Can any one out there tell me if the parts off a gas gas EC250 will fit on a gas gas 250 pampera. Plastics, exhaust, engine, etc, the engine out of my txt 250 also looks the same as my pampera. If the parts of an EC 250 will fit then that solves the problem of hard to get pampera parts...
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    For sale my gas gas ec250 07 tax and mot feb 11 shes been well looked after £2400.00 pics in gallery
  3. Other Bikes
    Don't know if this is going in the correct forum but i couldn't find one for Gasgas. Can any body help me on this one? I'm looking at buying a 2004 ec250 but it's a bit violent and would like to know can the handlebar mapping switch be fitted to the 2004 model as it is on the 2005?? Also...
1-3 of 3 Results